No one has ever accused me of being fashion-forward. Neither will I ever willingly join a conversation on the relative merits of mascara brands. Nonetheless, I was completely entertained by Courtney Wilder’s essay on Sightings about a blog that enjoins women clergy to navigate the occasionally fine line between professional dress and excessive *hot-ness* as church leaders.

Wilder draws our attention to Beauty Tips for Ministers by Reverend Victoria Weinstein, aka PeaceBang. Here’s a sample of her sassy, bossy tone:

A couple years back I got a letter from an apparently very attractive aspirant to the ministry who raved on and on about how she was just TOO PRETTY to be accepted as a clergyperson and that was why she had failed in her various attempts to achieve ordained status.

At the time I thought to myself, “Chickie here has a lot of serious issues, and being ‘too pretty’ may indeed be one of them, but let’s file this thought away for further reflection until I hear from a more grounded person about the reality of being too beautiful for ministry.”

And lo, that time has come, pigeons. While I know of several movie-star handsome men in the clergy whose Hotness does not seem to prevent them from being taken seriously, I have now collected several stories of female clergy being taken aside by male superiors and told that their beauty or sexiness is “distracting” and a serious problem.

What shall we call this?
Plain and simple.
If a man is distracted by his completely appropriately-dressed female minister’s beauty and sexiness, that’s his gadnapped problem. The Biblical name for that problem is lust, I do believe. The cultural name for it is objectification. I say “Work on it with your spiritual director, Senior Pastor Horndog.”

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I don't think I'll ever be accused of being too pretty to be clergy, but I have to admit the "what should I wear" question really is different for women. Men just wear suits, it's easy. I now have a go-to dress for weddings, baby namings, what have you. I hope it holds out for a long, long time. Depending on the people involved I might wear bright blue tights with it or sedate dark ones.

I hope this woman was wrong that she was denied ordination because she was attractive. That would be a very sad statement on her denomination.

Here's another sample of Peacebang's crass bitchy tone. . .

"Here's my sodomy fantasy. Senator Bill Napoli anally impaled on the Statue of Liberty's torch."

Since "memory holed" along with some of her other insults and general bitchiness.

Still, for a self-described "Christian" Unitarian*Universalist "pastor", this still extant five year old Peacebang "rant" should raise a few eyebrows -

Friday, January 14, 2005

Please Pray For This Man

This is Leon Hatfield, a notoriously depraved S.O.B. who steals from churches on the South Shore. Police are looking for him. If you know him, please tell him that Jesus is really disgusted with his behavior and that while Jesus might forgive him, Peacebang (whose church he stole from) would like to kick him real hard in the teeth.

Source -

She really pushed her luck a bit *too* far when she stridently pointed the finger at Roman Catholic clergy sexual misconduct, while covering up and hiding egregious clergy sexual misconduct committed by a Unitarian*Universalist minister, and this at a time when one of her own aging parishioners had just been convicted of the forcible rape of two preteen girls including a neighbor's daughter and a "female family member".

All of this information is true and readily verifiable with appropriate Google searches.

I have heard several stories of female clergy being taken aside by their superiors and said his male beauty or sex appeal is fun and a serious problem.