— from the essay “On Prayer” by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Joseph Coen, a listener in Valley Stream, New York, wrote to us with a similar version of this Heschel quote. Coen first encountered Heschel’s words on a prayer card he received at a retreat, and they continue to speak to him years later. For me, Heschel’s reflections on prayer resonated with our New Year’s weekend broadcast, “Approaching Prayer” featuring musician Anoushka Shankar, writer/translator Stephen Mitchell, and religion scholar Roberta Bondi.

Nancy Rosenbaum, associate producer

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The opening sentence is much like a children's book such is its beauty and simplicity. Thank you for the quote and for the links.

I am glad to hear that the quote I shared resonated with Nancy Rosebaum. Thank you for letting us know where the quote comes from. The prayer card that it appeared on did not give the original source of the quote. I should look up Heschel's essay "On Prayer" to see what else such a profound thinker has to say on prayer. I will also check out the broadcast on "Approaching Prayer" that Nancy says the quote brought to her mind.