—Neel Kashkari, as quoted in “The $700 Billion Man.” Known as the “bailout czar,” Kashkari was appointed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in October 2008 to head the Office for Financial Stability, which oversaw the $700 billion program that bought distressed assets from financial institutions.

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NEEL K: I remember his explanation, broadcast live on TV before an anxious group of "bankers."
I believe the live audience was consoled with the bailout plus the promise that their bonus/options would not suffer. This has proven true. The irony is that saving Wall Street's' slick operations has not trickled down to the unemployed, nor to the foreclosed homeowners. Success or betrayal depends on your where you are in the pecking order!

Amen, Brother! Do you think they will ever recognize the major role the people on main street played in the greatness of this country.
I believe the "Free Trade " agreements foisted on us could be the undoing of this country if some rules in regard to environmental, human rights and import/export issues are not honestly addressed- to the benefit of all the people and not just the companies that are taking all the jobs to the lowest wage and least environmentally restricted countries.
Will we ever universally recognize that those with the most money, connections AND education are subject to the same -or worse- temptations than their lowly counterparts and need even more restrictions since they don't seem able to police themselves for the greater good? When did this "greed is good" creed, which seems so prevalent on Wallstreet establish itself? Was it the 80's? That was a creed that easily took hold!