The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded this week to Dr. Elizabeth A. Blackburn, Dr. Carol W. Greider, and Dr. Jack D. Szostak. Their work in the 1980’s brought to light the importance of telomeres. In the simplest terms, telomeres live at the ends of our chromosomes, and up until the time of this research, nobody really knew what they were for. Their work shows how telomeres protect our chromosomes, so that during cell division our DNA can be precisely copied from one cell to the next.

Our staff was introduced to telomeres a few weeks ago when Krista interviewed Dr. Doris Taylor. Taylor has gained notoriety recently for her work studying stem cells and “building” hearts. We’re hard at work getting the full interview ready to air in a couple weeks, but here’s an excerpt of that interview in which she talks about stress, stem cells, and telomeres.

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Telomeres are longer in people who take regular nutrient supplements than in people who don't. This should not be surprising. Dr. Linus Pauling, a leader in Orthomolecular Medicine, showed that high dose nutrients changed gene expression and could treat and prevent numerous degenerative diseases. These interviews on stem cells are fascinating and encouraging, however almost nothing was said about nourishment for the cells. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are all building blocks for those cells. Stress includes environmental toxins as well as emotional factors, and high dose nutrients can help with both. Why are nutrients not mentioned in these discussions? It's too simple. It's not exciting and new. But we are made the same way now as we were at The Beginning, and we need the same nutrients to be healthy and whole.

You are misinformed about Linus Pauling and supplementation. Several scientific studies have refuted his earlier findings, and sadly Dr. Pauling's legacy as a nobel prize winner is tarnished by his propensity toward pseudoscience later in his career.

I suppose you also believe that the human body was designed to perfection by God, and that humans have squandered their inheritance through bad habits and poor nutrition. The human body was cobbled together over long evolutionary time, and modern scientific advances have increased health, longevity, and quality of life. Nutrition is important, but there is absolutely no evidence that high dose nutrients does anything but produce kidney stones and yellow urine. The research described in this podcast is revolutionary, and may every well increase longevity and quality of life, as well as cure many degenerative diseases. I believe that "God" is exactly of this nature, in that all that is available to humans is used to increase the happiness, health, and quality of life for all. This is the essence of God.

You are being far too unkind to the value of nutritional supplements, and you should search with more care for the work that does attest to their value. Sometimes it is hard to find, as it seems that there is a bias against publishing this work, perhaps because journals tend to derive financial support from the pharmaceutical companies. If the fundamental question is "Does good eating improve health?", it is of value to read the text "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by the late Dr. Weston Price DDS. Although done many years ago, he makes an excellent case that for many populations (in many lands)
who were eating a "primitive" diet, far removed from "modern food", those populations were frequently devoid of degenerative disease. On the other hand, those populations which had been exposed to modern food for as little as a generation, were once again subject to degenerative diseases. Excellent reading. Charles Reinert ND, PhD

It seems she may be the next George Washington Carver, with the building block of a cell instead of peanut.

This was the most interesting program on stem cells. Everything explained slowly and in a simple way that made it so understandable to the layman. I would venture to say that the majority of the population has no idea about what stem cells do, how the entire process works, plus many have ideas about the subject gained through false information and assumptions. I'm grateful I was able to hear your program this am. Thank you so much!.

I was mesmerized today by the interview of Doris Taylor. What a profound and exciting science she is doing on behalf of healing many health issues. I appreciated her views on stress and the demise of cells. Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for the hope you offer people in this groundbreaking study. It is not a moral or spiritual issue when stem cells now seem to be abundant in humans without harvesting embryos for the express purpose of their stem cells. Keep on your path. You are the conduit for healing in quantum numbers. Blessings from all the women and scientists who have paved the way and opened the doors for you to walk boldly through.

You were appropriately mesmerized by Taylor's work and her ability to discuss it in lay terms without simplifying. However, if she were responding directly, I am sure she would take issue with your idea that stem cells are obtained for research by 'harvesting embryos for the express purpose of their stem cells." When stem cells from embryos are used in research, the "donor" embryos were created by couples (and their physicians) for later implantation in the woman's womb, but because several are created for every one implanted, the unused embryos are destroyed and wasted UNLESS they are used as a supply of new stem cells. The choices are not life or no life, but rather usefulness or garbage.

Hmmmmmm I never responded to that - whatever .

I find this work marvelously uplifting. With all of the problems in the world today , it is nice to see basic medical research moving ahead and brilliant people doing great work.

I think this program is wonderful because it clarifies the importance of working in all types of stem cells available. Some groups are trying to demonize these studies, and stop the research. Every day scientists are showing to the world the benefits on keep working with stem cells, and the promises for a better future for millions of people who suffer chronic diseases.