—John O’Donohue, as tweeted by listener Lori Runkle (@ljtheraingirl) after listening to our program, “The Inner Landscape of Beauty,” with the late Irish poet and philosopher.

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This convesration with Krista has be my most favorite. I have listened to it many times and shared it with others who are as profoundly moved by it. I actually bought Janet Jansen's CD of Mendelssohn's concertos. And understand fully why John O'Donohue was so moved as was the audience.

I have taken a respite from traveling in the very beautiful landscape of Pai, a small town in Northern Thailand and had the luxury of listening to a Krista Tippet conversation a day! Sometimes two on the nights I can't sleep. When I was living and working in NY preceding my year of travel, I only managed to catch the program on the fly and vowed when I had time, I would catch up. SOF/Being has been food for my soul. Thank you. Valerie R. Catania