Ilona, our first Web intern, posted this video on my Facebook wall with the comment: “I know you’re all dog lovers at SoF but here is some cat love for ya.” For the first minute, I thought this was one person’s attempt at some humor-filled dubbing of a concert given in Seoul, Korea in 1996. But, when the boys and the pianist cracked smiles, doubt disappeared.

Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois (also known as “The Little Singers of Paris”) is a century-old boarding school based in the outskirts of Paris. The Catholic institution admits boys from ages 9 to 15 and integrates traditional studies with arts and the humanities. A core component of the the school is social action in which they are “sensitive to people and populations in need” and “maintain the right to education, fight against discrimination and help the weak and the victims.”

Although similar in spirit to a previous video we posted of Les Freres de St Francis de la Sissies, this choir is a legit. The boys sing both sacred and popular music, often performing little-known French folk music. They tour throughout France and the world as part of their mission. I’d dig being able to hear them live.

I don’t read French, and the translations I pulled up about the school are pretty spotty. If you know more about the school’s efforts, please post a comment and share your knowledge.

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This is hilarious! LOL - with tears in my eyes!

My 9-year-old grandson thought at 1st they were singing in Japanese, but then realized they were singing in Catese. They need to audition for an updated Broadway version of "Cats."

That would be "Catonese" . . . a sub-dialect from the foothills below Luofu Meountain.

So, so strange...and strangely mesmerizing.


Thanks for this rare treat. The two young boys are destined for great things -- truly -- to pull this off with straight faces takes monumental talent!

This is a subtle Jesus Christ's fascination! It is an animal magnetism in our poor human lives. The hypnotic and irresistible attraction of the Lord in our days today is strangely making his presence for those who are ready to see, hear, and feel spiritually.

This was so beautiful and inspiring as a cat lover, but the boys talent is truly amazing...A beautiful day to find such beauty..Thanks

Absolutely the most charming version of this work I've ever heard! Bravo!

This is awesome. Don't know how the boys kept from cracking up!!!

Absolutely adoreable!

Absolutely delightful. These voices are the best, Truly a performance for the ages. Am so encouraged for the arts when you know there are schools like this around the world. Keep at it. When is the chorale coming to the states again and where are they performing? Regards, Chaplain Tom Chapman

This is absolutely wonderful! I wish all boys of this age could hear this and see "good looking" and well behaved young men singing correctly and using their talents! Thaks for finding this and posting ! aesome!


So creative and so much talent. What a joy! :)

I agree with my dear friend Anita, singing this to your dogs would probably drive them crazy!

what a waste of time. luck of idea. I'm a jazz arranger and love classical music. I feel sorry to the boys singing a real bad music.

This is even better than the classic performance of this delightful work by the two great divas, Victoria de los Angeles and Elizabeth Schwartzkopf with Gerald Moore at the piano. Anyone who can not succomb to this musical gem in such an idiomatic performance must be a real "stick in the mud"!

My two-year-old grandson loves this! I feel like I'm teaching him culture. Wish I knew where there are more performances of these kids to watch.

F**king hilarious

Les petits chanteurs a la croix de bois is a famous choir which started out to help dissenfranchised boys. Abandonned, street urchins etc....

T was pleased to the photo of the entire group. But when I wanted to show it to a friend, I could no longer get that photo on the screen, only 2 from the group. Please re-post the photo of the entire group

that was amazing! thanks for sharing your talent, awesome voices