Update: Added a short list of possible new titles (KM, 3:04pm)

We had our first formal meeting here at the SoF ranch yesterday to allow for some brainstorming around the idea of changing the title of the program. This is an idea in its first exploratory stages, and it may or may not lead to a new name for the show and for the Web site.

But we’ve felt the impulse to examine the possibility of a new name for some time. “Speaking of Faith” sounds too narrowing to some ears, too exclusively “Christian” for a show that covers all religious thought and a lot of areligious or nonreligious thought as well, to others. Our so-called “tag language” says we are the “conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas.” Throw in a strip mall and the kitchen sink, and that’s a pretty big topic area, inclusive of almost every imaginable subject. And we like that inclusiveness, that expansiveness, and want out title to capture that.

The possibilities that follow presume Krista’s name as part of the title: First Person; How We Live; Common Life; The Conversation; Listening Generously; The Human Condition; Consider This; Outreach Speaking … with Krista Tippett.

Please — weigh in! Tell us what you think! What should we call this conversation with Krista Tippett? What do you think of the options listed above?

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My first reaction is "don't change anything." I am not always comfortable with religion but I am very comfortable with faith - 'the evidence of things unseen'. The show does a masterful job of weaving multiple topics into this framework. I do, however, understand the desire to question your name and identity, after all, in youth, midlife, and old age we do it all the time. Proceed with caution and thanks for asking.

It strikes me as bizzarre that "Speaking of Faith" would somehow be construed as Christianity-centric. So, my vote would be to leave the title as is, but here are some suggestions if you are bent on change:

"Ponder This"
"Open Book"
"Passion for Being"
"So Say We All"
"The Bounty of Thought"
"Meditations from the Blue Planet"
"Note to Self"
"Regarding Us"
"Word To Yer Mamma" <joke>

Keep up the great work on the show, regardless of the title :-).


Being concerned about market and business perceptions isn’t shallow or “selling out.” However, though “Faith” may seem narrow or sound too Christian to some, the fuller understanding is a matter education. (I appreciate agnostic Ali Hafiz’s input and example of having overcome the perception problem.) “Belief and Reasons” (per Robert Sheridan) and “Deeper Understandings” (per Ali Hafiz) are close but the “Speaking” part SoF conveys an active conversation that I think is lovely. “Making Sense” (per Hoyt Roberson) does convey the process but something about the focus of the show should be included. I can’t seem to find “the” phrase that captures “it” but words like “Explore”, “Conversation” or Dialogue (clunky) or Discussion (not as personal as “Speaking”), and “Belief” all seem critical. Something like “Exploration: Conversations about Belief”? I STILL like SoF. A rose by any other name…

The name of this program is so well-known. It's always been about the 'kitchen sinkiness' that describes the community of listeners. Faith is such a great word. It’s a noun and a verb at the very least. It’s at once stable, as well as moving and changing. That’s what ‘faith’ is today. Perfect name for the show!!

I like Speaking of Faith - faith is truly not an exclusively Christian concept or word. Faith implies strong belief in something.... could be Buddha's teachings, Al Gore's worldview, Darwin's theory, or Lenin's manifesto... that shapes an individual's worldview.

I was brought up in the Jewish faith although question the existence of God at this point in my life. I do not feel the name of the show is exclusively "Christian". To me the current name addresses all Faiths.

I like the use of common... Our Common Life with Krista Tippett, but that seems just a tad off This American Life. Our Common Thread, maybe.

I love this show, but must admit that I find myself uncomfortable recommending it to my (mostly atheist/agnostic) friends. After mentioning the title I always have to qualify my enthusiasm, saying stuff like: "It's not preachy. It's not even all that religious. It's so thoughtful and non-judgmental. Like a class in world religion and philosophy."

I run ultramarathons (50 miles, 100 miles) and your show has kept me company on many a long training run!

I completely understand where you are coming from and heartily endorse a name change.

Going Deep with Krista Tippett
Investigating Belief with Krista Tippett
A Most Pleasant Hour with Krista Tippett
Embracing Change with Krista Tippett
Krista Tippett: Keeping it Real

I think something with the word ethos would encompass the more expansive construct you are looking for. But I’m not quite sure how to work that into something ending with Krista Tippett. The World of Ethos with Krista Tippett? Exploring Ethos with Krista Tippett?

I like SoF and the names you have listed seem too disconnected from your content. Some are to "Newsy" sounding like First Person; The Conversation; Listening Generously; The Human Condition; Consider This; Outreach Speaking,; while How We Live; Common Life; are simply to common and HGTV sounding. This show is too unique not to have the name reflect the depth of the content. If you give up the soulfulness in the title, you are simply another talk show.

I would focus on titles that capture the soulfulness, connectedness, and rhythm of the shows content.

Single Thought, Global Meaning

Threads of Wisdom

Global Labyrinth

Sobre Mesa ( A wonderful Spanish term for the conversation time spent around the table after the meal. I have always wanted to produce a show called Sobre Mesa that would show case different cultural and religious ways of sharing table meals for the purpose of inspiring Americans back to the table with new inspiration.)

Thank you for asking! I love this show!
Peace Begins At Home!

I love the title of the program. Even those "without faith" believe or have faith>/i> in something. Along with with the subtitle ..... religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas it is perfect. Please consider keeping it.

Please keep the title of the program It is perfect, especially with the subtitle religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas.
Even those "without faith" believe in something.

I'm fond of SoF, too, but I can understand your concerns re: public perceptions, getting the show placed, etc.

The word "Spirit" has nice layers of meaning and is a universal concept, so maybe a phrase incorporating that, like "As the Spirit Moves"?

I'll keep thinking about it!

I think "Speaking of Faith" is just perfect. I love this program and listen every weekend. If missed I listen online. Why do you think you need to change it? Please don't. Nan Roche

A few years ago, when the "faith-based communities" basically meant, in the United States, anyway, rather evangelical and/or fundamentalist Christianity and the narrow interpretations apparently approved of by the then POTUS, the word "faith" may have been a bit of a turn-off to many, even to those of us who are religious! Now, maybe not so much.

I appreciate the very thoughtful comments already posted here, and SoF's soul-searching. I would like to add yet one more vote for keeping the current title, which does not strike me as restrictive or off-putting.

I love the current title--it doesn't feel exclusively Christian to me (a non-Christian).

Speaking of Hindrances to Happiness

I would prefer you keep the SoF title; I love it. But if you do change the name...
Of the possiblities you listed, I like "Listening Generously" the best.
If possible, the title of the program could reflect the purpose / mission of the conversations (exploring "conversation about religion, meaning, ethics and ideas.") A huge attraction of your program is hearing / reading the interaction between Ms. Tippett and the brightest, most inspiring, and unique thinking people in the world. It would be good to capture in the title this aspect of the program as well...

Krista Tippett: On the Global Human Spirit or
Exploring Global (Thought on) Spirituality, Being a Human Spirit, Exploring a Meaningful Life, Philosophies of Spiritual Living, Living a Spiritual Life, Touching Truth, Pathways to (Global) Truth, Walking with the Spirit, Spiritually In Touch, The Search for Spiritual Truth, Spiritual Thought for Life, Thought for Life, Exploring the Essence of Life....

I love your program. Thank you!
Mary Peirce

Focus on being the best representation of who you are and you'll never have to worry about changing your name. People will adapt.

How about "Listening....and Speaking: with Krista Tippet"

Absolutely love and value your body of work; keep it up whatever its title!

By the way I don't think Speaking of Faith is narrowing; in fact I rather like it.

How about "Listening...and Speaking, with Krista Tippett"?

Keep up the exceptional, terrific work, whatever you call it!

By the way I don't think "Speaking of Faith" is narrowing, and really don't think you need to make a change at all.

I also agree that the name is perfect just as it is. Don't change a thing! I don't feel it is exclusionary at all. Anyone enlightened enough to seek out SOF programming probably understands the concept of "faith" as a force that envelopes all of humanity regardless of religion. We are searching for the commonalities in our belief systems that bind us together in our life experiences. Faith is the bond.

There are so many things I love about this show. I've been listening to SOF for about 5 years now and I honestly don't think you should change a thing. Certainly I am an individual with my own beliefs, bias, and opinions, but have never been put off by the title of the show and I think that along with the tagline it perfectly encapsulates the idea of the show. Please keep doing your great work. The world needs more stuff like this. I wish more people with differences could learn how to converse this way.

Personally I like it just the way it is. I feel that the term "faith" can encompass so much, both within and without traditional associations with Christianity. I feel that if it is changed to something like ethics it can have the adverse effect of taking away from any kind of acceptance of religious attitudes, spirituality or soul-searching.

Still like the original title, but if the team feels a call to change to expand understanding/perception, what about simply "Openings."

I clicked on here thinking I would write something original. But I agree with most of the posters. I like the name just as it is. The first time I heard the name, I didn't know what to expect, but now that I know what to expect, I think it is appropriate. So many things are investigated, and so thoughtfully. I have recommended your show to people who are religious and to those who are not so. Thank you very much for all your good work.

Love the program and don't mind the current title. I'm going for keeping it as it is.

Please, please DON'T cvhange the name....speaking of faith seems to include all of us. It is wonderful to hear the word faith and it implies both ancient and modern sensibilities. My faith is my core and my sanity---I wonder how true that is for many who listen to your broadcast. I cannot think of another word that encompasses this feeling and belief. Please---keep it.

My vote would be to keep the original name, with its explicit reference to religion. There is so little in mainstream journalism that speaks to religious thought and is also open and enlightened.
This way of approaching religion (in the broadest sense of the word) needs to keep its voice. I would not like to see the title watered down.

I've been thinking about this for a few days... and here are the votes of this Irish Jury.
I like Speaking of Faith - I've always seen that it's about a multiplicity of faiths - whether that's faith in a doctrinal system of beliefs, in human capacity, or in an analysis of the human condition - all of those are faith perspectives, and I have loved the nurture (and challenge) given by your programme to these things.

So, I'm happy with Speaking of Faith.

I'd be interested in hearing some more from the conversation amongst the staff team about how you may have felt the current title may be narrowing - is that a gut instinct, or from some feedback... etc.?

From the titles given, I like First Person, and Listening Generously and Consider This...
I'd wondered about something incorporating the whole idea of first-person narrative over the last few days, and also wondered about whether that phrase from Krista's book - the vast middle - would be a starting point. I've always found that to be a helpful way of understanding the energy with which the programme's conversations are structured.

I also like the word Encounter. Gerard Van Kaam once said "Human encounter is the essence of cure, in the deepest sense"...

Whatever it's called, I'll listen.

Hey thanks everyone for these great ideas and for sharing your frank reactions. This is all very discussion stage, so I can't tell you what will happen next, but I will keep you posted.
Great ideas and we all apreciate your thoughts.