President Obama’s recent speech at the University of Notre Dame commencement ceremony came up several times during our live event with Joshua DuBois at the Fitz — from Krista during the interview and from our online and in-house audiences during the Q+A session.

The president addressed several divisive issues — including abortion, a topic we've been working at reframing by asking for your perspectives and stories on how you and others might engage in this dialogue in ways not yet imagined. Specifically, Krista asked DuBois if he had a hand in writing the speech. His answer was rather indirect, saying something to the effect that the president faces difficult issues "head on" and that his speeches are in the president's voice.

President Obama's address garnered a fair amount of attention for his choice of place in talking about such a controversial issues. Was this the appropriate venue for this discussion? I'm not sure, but I like that the administration isn't avoiding it. I'm hopeful that more fruitful ways of talking about this hot-button issue are on the horizon.

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I appreciate being able to see & hear the whole speech.

I applaud Pres. Obama's overture. It is also important to read the commencement addresses of Fr. Jenkins and Judge Noonan. The key to moving ahead is finding common ground, and here are a few areas to start:
1.Human life is sacred and worthy of protection (to various degrees).
2.Women should be allowed to have abortions, at least in the earlier stages of pregnancy.
3.The number of abortions should be reduced by
a.promoting adoption.
b.supporting programs that reduce unplanned pregnancies.
c.supporting welfare programs for the poor that encourage women to consider alternatives to abortion.
d. restricting late term abortions.
4.Medical professionals should not be required to participate in abortions against their consciences.

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