Update: The streaming embed box has been replaced with the recorded versions of the salon, broken into two parts.

This is the place where we are streaming real-time video of Krista and a group of 15 listeners reflecting on the previous night’s conversation with Joshua DuBois. We’ll begin streaming at 8:45 am CST. The Speaking of Faith Salon begins at 9:00 am and will last approximately an hour.

We are asking the participants to ponder these questions coming into the discussion:

  • How are you being called to engage in your various communities?
  • What forms of action are you drawn to?
  • How is faith-based initiative work relevant, or is it at all?

We welcome your participation and feedback:

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  • Comment.
  • Twitter. Respond to points and topics with a tweet — or ask a question. We’ll feature your tweets on our Web site. The hashtag is #sofsalon.

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The Jewish community representative seemed skeptical about the new faith-based initiative and gave the NY City terrorist plot as an example of 'actions speaking louder than words.' I think this illustrates the importance of promoting understanding and dialogue between the different religions. It's unfair to associate Islam with the actions of a few misguided Muslims, in the same way it would be unfair to blame Christians who plot to bomb abortion clinics in the name of Christianity.

Thank you!

Dup! Double commented. Still learning the technology :)

I wonder how different this conversation would have been had it been with a group of artists. or had some who make their livings as artists been there. that's a way of living out one's faith that offers sometimes other perspectives than I saw expressed in this conversation.

It was more powerful to watch the group identify their commonalitiy of "expressed faith" through service which is something central to this administration approach versus a polarization of faith to manipulate votes. It is good to be exhausted with polarization since this more akeen to what we see in oppressive social policy that intends to disabuse and marginalize populations.

I would only ask that there be more racial diversity in the bodies of people you assemble since this is a reality of our condition in the U.S. that drives our greatest civic movements toward inclusion.

Thank you so much for making this conversation available. I really appreciated seing a civil, intelligent, honoring conversation.

Thank you for your wonderful programs. I am a committed Christian who appreciates learning about other faith traditions. I often remember an incident that has been important to me when thinking about faith and service. Years ago my pastor visited me at my place of work - a non-profit serving people with disabilities. I worked in the fundraising office, so I didn't provide direct service. But she asked me if I see my work as "mission." I thought for a moment, and decided that yes, I am in mission. I am serving the clients. I am reaching out to people who are the widows, orphans, sick, homeless, hungry - people who have needs that they cannot meet on their own, and I am serving them. I carried that thought with me to my current work as a grant writer for an agency providing services for victims of domestic violence. My faith informs my work tremendously even though I work for a secular organization. And your conversation about our beliefs being of little value unless they result in good works is so true.