A noted historian and friend of the show recently forwarded this comedic performance to the SOF e-mail inbox. It's refreshing to see that even the most serious and wisest of public intellectuals has a good sense of humor — and isn't afraid to share it. Enjoy.

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You might possibly have influenced my entire listening experience to the Messiah... every Christmas & Easter will be punctuated by mental images of Les Freres de St. Francis de la Sissies... Cheers Trent.

They misspelled "accoutrements." But this video is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I laughed so hard my face hurt. I needed a good laugh. Thanks for posting.

Oh, what fun!

O boy, I laughed myself silly. I am reminded that next Sunday, the second Sunday of Easter, we will be celebrating Holy Humor Sunday -- The Risus Paschalis. Our annual joke day.

This is so enjoyable, please watch as long as you have time to.

I'd love to know where this was performed.

Not a bad first effort. It needs work but les freres should be encouraged to persist. The audience, however, is totally beyond the pale. This is a serious work and such frivolity must not be tolerated. The laugh track was terribly distracting and gave this performance the sense of a circus rather than a divine ode of praise.

Roger, I hope you have your tongue in your cheek, if not, how is it possible for you to be so pompous? Surely laughter is also a gift from God! But I think you were joking because you start your comment with a feeble 'pat on the back' and go on to encourage them. Then you become a prude. Which side of the fence are you on? I've recommended this to many friends and they have all enjoyed it.

It is Advent. Time to brush up on "The Messiah." Enjoy the link