The missile-defense monitoring system NORAD is currently tracking Santa Claus’ physics-defying trajectory around the globe.

NORAD has confirmed that Santa and his fully-loaded, reindeer-powered sleigh took off from the North Pole and soared into the arctic sky at 6:00 a.m. EST (5:00 a.m. CST, 4:00 a.m. MST, 3:00 a.m. PST). NORAD radar is tracking Rudolph’s bright red nose, and satellite imagery is providing minute-by-minute coverage of Santa’s location.

There is also a map of just where he’s been so far, so the kids can anxiously see where the man is. And be sure to read the full details behind how they track Santa! Ho ho ho!

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For as strange as this may sound, I have always taken a bit of glee in the evolution of NORAD's tracking of Santa. Watching my two boys, one almost seven and one almost three and one half, what they marvel at is what is presented to them.

"Dad!!! Santa has already been through AUSTRALIA!!" my son exclaimed this year. Trenten just looked at the all familiar images and correlated them with the excitement of what is the season: beyond more than Santa delivering gifts.

Indeed, this year with my oldest I saw his interest into the world covered and that the Earth is rotating, the birth of Jesus would soon be celebrated (Australia is 12+ hours ahead of us), and that the morning brings hope in several forms. He incessantly passed notes across the pews to our family stating "CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT JESUS, NOT PRESENTS!!!"

I do not know where am going with this, but I suppose when we returned home from our Christmas Eve gathering in our community, my eldest opened the Mac. With his mother's guidance he realized the night was getting older and that he needed to be in bed: tucked in, saying his prayers, and waking with eyes and smile that remind me of not just a season or what the Internet does...

That we as adults should try and "Be like children." In summary, what NORAD does each year is interesting and seeing my eldest son realizing the day of many forms of celebration is fast upon us. I only hope we could find such a way to sustain those eyes, those emotions, and the air of the moment for a bit longer...

Peace to all and may the closing of this year open your hearts to next.

I find what NORAD has done and has evolved into what we know as "Santa Tracker" to be very interesting: even if for a mild, internal giggle as my seven and three year old boys gaze into the screen.

This year, especially, my eldest (almost seven) seemed to care less about what one may call the Media Santa, but that the magic was happening. In the morning he exclaimed "SANTA HAS FINISHED AUSTRALIA!" He observed the world maps and I could see the calculations behind his wide eyes.

Later, during our community's Christmas Eve gathering, he incessantly passed notes to each of us proclaiming that "CHRISTMAS IS NOT ABOUT PRESENTS!!!" I smiled and for the first time in almost a decade, I felt that warm glow in my chest. Returning home in the evening and under the loving guidance of his mother, my eldest son examined the map with extreme intensity: it was time to prepare for a day of much celebration.

I suppose the point is that for as cute, interesting, "child motivating", or whatever one may classify this NORAD project as, it seems to jolt in me... "Be like children." How does this all tie together? Sure, the kids are excited about opening their gifts and giving gifts, but that is the smallest portion of the day. Indeed, my eldest son and his trouble-making brother both illustrated this to me in the sense that it was not a greed of goods, but a greed for experiencing good that came through. The religious importance, the symbolic opportunities, and the love of family coming together is what I took as my own precious gift this year from my two, very special boys.

NORAD - you keep it up and I promise you we will tune in each year. In a short summary, I must confess I wish all the qualities of this season could be as easily carried: through the entire year, my friends.

With wishes of peace and safety -