Coinciding with our Hanukkah program is this tasty video snack via Stephen Colbert’s A Colbert Christmas special. In our program on Hanukkah with book designer Scott-Martin Kosofsky, he talks a bit about the perceived “competition” between Hanukkah and Christmas. A little tongue-in-cheek humor here with Stewart and Colbert to reflect that, with Stephen experiencing a bit of Christmas humbug…

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Okay, that was just too funny. Thanks for posting it!

I've always wondered what a Jon Stewart conversation with the SOF folk would be like... funny presumably - and interesting - certainly! Beannachtaí na féile orabh go léir.

At the end, where Stewart quizzically echoes the last word of the song, "too," I thought he was going to do a riff on the Woody Allen line from, I think, Annie Hall, where he's walking down the street with Tony Roberts and he overhears someone say, "Did you...[something or other]" and he says, "See? Did you hear that? He said, 'Jew!'" I'm not remembering the words right, but that was the idea. Jewish paranoia. It seems a little quaint now, at least in the NY metro area, where I live, thank God. Wait, did I just say God?

Plus, Stewart and Colbert both have nice singing voices. I suppose most professional talkers and actors can carry a tune, but still, it was a pleasant surprise.

The best part about having faith-in whatever one believes in-is that the believer earns the right to poke fun at the practice, the beliefs, etc. I laughed through Colbert's entire program. Good stuff!