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As promised, here’s preview audio for our upcoming program with Robert Coles, a child psychiatrist who often deals with the spiritual lives of children. Originally, he was a prominent voice in an older Speaking of Faith program, Children and God. I believe that was just the second episode of SOF I ever listened to, and I remember loving it, yet apparently the program was beginning to show its age. The program also featured three voices. Back then, they said a radio program with just one long interview for one entire hour was a crazy idea. It’ll never work!

Kate and Rob listened to Robert Coles’ full interview with Krista again, and were convinced we had to bring this back to air as a one-voice show, taking it completely back to the drawing board and producing a new show from it. Here’s a rough tidbit from the new program we’re producing. Enjoy! The full program is scheduled for the first week of January.

Editor’s Note: You can now listen to the entire program on the Web site for “Robert Coles and the Inner Lives of Children.

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Thanks so much for begining the new year with this wonderful program highlighting Robert Coles. I first knew of him when I read about his surprising friendship with the then small girl, Ruby Bridges, who helped to integrate the schools in New Orleans. more. Now I have two grandchildren and I want to spend more time with this remarkable man and the sincere and open children he and his wife came to know through their interviews. Hearing his voice again began to connect me once more with the voices of these children who speak to all of us in their honesty ,wonder and thoughts of God. Time in the new year can be well spent through listening to this program and its conversations with people like Robert Coles. Thanks for making it one of the best programs on NPR.

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