Three hundred students in the general education program at American University participated in a course in which they read Krista’s book Speaking of Faith. In a live video conference with Krista in St. Paul and the students in Washington DC, they ask questions that arose out of their reading. And Krista answers them.

This is part of our continuing effort to reach out to different groups and also share with our audience all the activities Krista participates in. For those of you who would rather read a running producer commentary of the event, check out our live blog version. Let us know what you think.

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This is nothing short of the same feeling when I first tuned into Speaking of Faith around its early beginnings. As always, Krista is quite insightful and delicate with details: I found that while she was the one being interviewed, I felt as if I was still listening to her 'intelligent, insightful questioning'; the illusion I had to sort out was that she was indeed not the one asking questions this time.

In short, with Krista stating 'I am out of my element' I respectfully disagree: this program is not an element, but a force and this format is a wonderful twist to something that I thought could not be made any more unique.

What this program brings is through journalism, but I've never once felt a rigid sense of question and answer; I've never once felt unwelcome nor outcast as a listener. Instead this program and this particular piece maintains the warm invitation to sit and think about a good, insightful, and thought provoking conversation.

Kudos as always.

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