After almost four years since originally recording the interview for Heart and Soul: The Integrative Medicine of Dr. Mehmet Oz, Krista finally got to meet Dr. Oz in person. Most of our interviews take place via a high-fidelity phone connection called ISDN, and in this case Dr. Oz was at the studio of the Radio Foundation in NYC, and Krista was in St. Paul at home in APM’s studios. Krista and Dr. Oz are both participating in Maria Shriver’s 2008 Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California.

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Thank you for posting the wonderful audio file interview with Dr. Oz about integrative medicine. Great picture too!

"abject scientific nonsense", as Steven Novella eloquently describes this interview, couldn't be more accurate and succinct. I love you Krista, but this one lets just set aside, ok?

"Abject scientific nonsense"--as Dr Steven Novella so elequently describes Oz's positions in this interview--places this interview well outside the fabulous "Science Podcasts" you've been recording of late. I love you Krista, but we'll just set this one aside?

I just picked up "Healing from the Heart" by chance from the library and then stumbled upon the podcast - I had no idea the interview was taken 4 years ago - then again, what is more timeless than this subject?

Heike, it's quickly becoming an SOF classic — and Dr. Oz's career continues to reach new heights. Incredible.