So You’re Krista Tippett!?
Mitch Hanley, Senior Producer

Krista Tippett meets Maria Shriver. Krista is in Long Beach, California this week to participate in Shriver’s 2008 Women’s Conference. On Wednesday afternoon, Krista will be moderating a discussion called, “Got Faith? Your Life Has Meaning: Live it. Love it. Pass it On,” which includes Sister Joan Chittister, Ingrid Mattson, Timothy Shriver, and Sylvia Boorstein (in photo, far right).

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I would have loved to hear that talk. Is there any chance Ms. Tippett will publish the presentation?

I'd like to know too. I've been digging around and only know that Krista's panel won't be part of the live webcast. I'll definitely be following up and will let you know when I find out if there's a recording -- audio or video. Cheers.