Shortly before heading out of town for my first vacation in nearly five years, I was able to squeak in some action from behind the glass. I shot this clip of Krista (from Studio P in St. Paul) conducting a remote interview with Jonathan Greenblatt (from APM’s studios in L.A.).

More often than not, a guest’s response to Krista’s opening question about his/her religious and family background makes for good listening. And, more often than not, that part of the interview doesn’t make it into the final production for the radio or podcast. I used to lobby for including these preambles, but now I see the wisdom of cutting most of these stories. The show’s narrative arc wouldn’t hold up because we’d have to cut another interesting section.

Nevertheless, we have a blog now; we release Krista’s interviews in their entirety for you to download. But, this time, I thought Greenblatt’s description of how his grandparents’ flight from Nazi Germany informs his sense of service today was worth isolating.

Even after five years here, I find these long-distance interviews utterly fascinating. Do you like these SoundSeen videos from behind the glass? Are they worth your while?

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Well, interesting in a way; seems a gentle zoom in, zoom out would be appropriate, and vary a clip that is rather static. But it's nice to see Krista being still and present with an un-embodied voice.

Thanks Ray. Unfortunately, my N95 doesn't have the best zoom capabilities b/c it's mobile phone that uploads on the fly. But, maybe there's another way to add some of flavor. Thanks for the critique.

Definitely, this is a few minutes worth hearing and seeing to bring the listener into the interview. There's a hint of intimacy to this out-take that comes from experiencing Krista's questions over years of listening. Thanks.

Margarets_Dad (I love that name and totally get it now that I have kiddies), I was hoping that this might come across. I'm going to try a few more camera angles and see if I can get a little bit better clarity. Studio P doesn't have the natural light that some of our other studios provide, but I'll keep on trying. Also, because I'm behind the control room monitors, the sound is a tad muffled. I've got to figure out a better way to capture the richness of the sound!

She's 20 now, but, as you can imagine, it never even starts to wear off!
'Looking forward to your efforts. The sound was actually a bit better than the video. But they don't have to be perfect, do they? It's just nice being there.

This is the first I've watched/listened to, Trent, and I thank you, it is very much worth my while. I see how it wouldn't fit into the program but to have heard Mr. Greenblatt say "...a responsibility to repair the world." enriched my appreciation of the inter view I listened to this morning (on WNYC) and, more importantly,. opened my eyes and heart. Profoundly. My perception had always been that the Jewish people kept to themselves and dealt with goyim only for profit, and that devout Jews had a greater allegiance to Israel than to the US. I was wrong. Opened eyes, burning tears ... I need to close now. Thank you, you really made a difference this time.

I plan on doing many more of these raw, behind-the-glass videos. There's not much in the way of production, but it is a way to carve out a space for people who can't be here to see what takes place.

I felt it was most interesting and a good way to know the speakers perspective as well as heartwarming to feel the love that comes thru despite the difficulties encountered by his family.


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