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Our company’s marketing folks have asked us to put together a compilation CD featuring material from the past 12 months. This CD will be used to give to public-radio programming directors who are not familiar with the program, as well as to potential funders, and for other marketing uses.

Rather than some edited compilation, we’re thinking of putting together the first half of three separate programs on the CD (each half being about 25 minutes). That way, we can showcase the depth, intimacy and storytelling we aim for. The other criteria? The shows must have been produced in the past year.

Choices, choices… It would be wonderful to highlight our Peabody Award-winning Rumi show. I’m also fond, myself, of the Mathematics show, the Architecture show, and the Jean Vanier show (yes, Jean Vanier is his own subject). Oh, and Heschel.

Three programs, 12 months, one CD — what are your three picks? (Our 2007 and 2008 archives, for reference.)

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I have not heard all the shows, but the Herschel program was wonderful!

In increasing preference:
3. Ecstatic Faith of Rumi
2. Presence in the Wild
1. No More Taking Sides

The Heschel program, Reflections of a British Muslim Extremist, and Liberating the Founders. I want to add a fourth, but you only asked for three, so I will resist the temptation.

Mark, no need to be shy. Indulge yourself! Name that fourth. *grin*

Tsk tsk tsk, I set the precedent with my 5 picks *blush*

1. No More taking sides
2. L'arche community of brokenness and beauty
3. Listening generously, the Rachel Naomi Remen show

Of course I'm partial to medicine as a physician myself. The Mehmet Oz episode and Quarks and Creation, understanding Charles Darwin, the Mathematics episode and the V.V. Raman physics episode all really spoke to me.

No More Taking Sides was on last year's CD, so this and the previous suggestion for it from TheQuotient mean you guys have a nose for public-radio marketing! That show was what I'd call a "five-hankie" show ;)

If I was forced to choose only three programs from 2007 and 2008, I would have to select in no particular order:
- The Spiritual Audacity of Abraham Joshua Heschel
- Quarks and Creation
- The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi

But I can not resist, my fourth selection would be: The Children of Abraham.



To muddy consensus, I also liked Play, Spirit, and Character..

Heschel, Ojibway Language, Presence in the Wild. runners up Rumi, approaching prayer.

Deadline? Want to attach the audio clips that "broke my heart" from: Remen, Quarks+Creation, Presence in Wild. Perhaps the most shocking/beautiful was explaination of Vodou vs. perceptions prior to listening....When you have Father Bob Barron (word on fire.org), you'll want what he has to say, also.

Jean Vanier
The New Monastics
Brother Thay (not sure if this one is included as being within the past year or not), so I'll add one more!
Whale Songs and Elephant Loves

I think I've listened to all of these twice, which speaks to the power of each of these interviews.

The show on creeds.

All these votes for Rumi, Heschel & Vanier...looks like the "wise men" are leading the way! I still haven't decided, though I've narrowed down my list to four picks, some of which have been mentioned here...hmm...I wonder what the other two are. I hope to find some time in the next week to make that CD. Keep 'em coming.

Mmmmm...I'd say Vanier, Precence in the Wild, and New Monastics. But it's hard to choose!

It's not clear what counts as "produced" in the last year since a lot of 2008 has been re-broadcasts of earlier shows. Assuming that anything broadcast in 2008 counts:
1)Brother Thay a Radio Pilgrimage with Thich Nhat Hanh
2)Inner Landscape of Beauty (John O'Donohue)
3)Planting the Future (Wangari Matthai)

And continuing on:
4) Rumi
5) Quarks (John Polkinghorne)
6) Karen Armstrong
7) Rache Naomi Remen

Yeah...I guess I should have said "new" shows, which is what I meant. D'oh. On the other hand, it's been interesting to see what people gravitate to. As new people come to the show, more people are hearing old shows for the first time. So I figured I might as well open up the floor and see what people mention, new or old, of the past year.

John O'Donohue and Rumi were the new shows on your list, Ulysses. Some other new shows people have mentioned are Jean Vanier, Kate Braestrup (Presence in the Wild), Heschel, Ojibwe and Vodou.

All right, so the final four (now it's four) are going to be clips from:

-The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi (Peabody)
-Mathematics, Purpose and Truth (science)
-The Inner Landscape of Beauty (spirituality)
-Burma: Buddhism and Power (politics)

I'm going to be listening to these four shows hopefully on Thursday to find the strongest segment in each, then create The Greatest S.O.F. CD of All Time Ever (TM).

Again, these are shows that are new shows produced in the past 12 months (Rumi's about 16 months old, but it's the Peabody...we do love Lil' George...).