— said by Kate Moos when discussing how to implement the American Public Media brand more effectively in working with potential guests and media companies

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Somehow this brings to mind the Biblical injunction against "naming" God. This "unknown god" exists on His own terms and refuses to be "branded" (which of course is not just limited to current corporate "branding" but also the Old West concept of "branding" which entails ownership and control).

I believe this is what they call a koan! I'd love to bust this one out a party... :)

May I just add that I was speaking tongue in cheek? I am a reverse snob when it comes to branding. I will not purchase any item of clothing that bears a discernible brand label. Not cheap brands, not high-end brands. Though I do sometimes receive designer hand-me-downs from our colleague Sasha Aslanian. I'm a product of the proud, effete, anti-materialistic eilte who want to be above all that.

But I have, in fact, long felt that we are sooo swept up in a brand culture that we no longer have to know, or even try to articulate why a particular experience, or a particular purchase, is any good.
We just speak in code now, and expect people to remember us as the interesting, unselfconscious, sophisticated people we are, so unselfconsciously branded by the car we drive, the destination we travel to on vacation, and the particular fume blanc we pour.