Sarah Kay's poem "Hiroshima" ends this week's show. How we even knew that this audio existed came about as a result of a serendipitous invitation to The Nantucket Project.

Sarah Kay at The Nantucket ProjectLast fall, our host Krista Tippett attended the inaugural gathering of entrepreneurs, journalists, scientists, and artists who came together "to consider big ideas and the varying arc of those ideas as they shift from inception to action." One of the other attendees was Ms. Kay.

As we were producing this show, Krista remembered her inspiring performance of the poem. Alas, it was nowhere to be found online, so she reached out to the project's founder, Tom Scott, and received this fine recording. We did a bit of EQ'ing and compression and, voila!, we had our ending.

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I am compelled to consider,"what 'impossible' might I walk into, to laugh like Sarah, but do the impossible".

Sarah's voice, once heard, is unforgettable . . . its fear of performing overpowered by the depth of her meaning and her passion.  Old soul, definitely . . . one that is open and seeking, always seeking. Sarah's voice slam dunks the ability of a Tweet or a sound bite to reach the depths of the human heart.  I for one will be listening for more from hers.

Did the link expire? I really wanted to listen to this, but it is not working. Error keeps coming up. Loved the glimpse I got in the show and wanted more. With appreciation for all that you do, Jaymie

Inspiring! Refreshing! Inspirational!

I listened to your show this Father's Day morning and was so inspired by Sarah Kay. Her poetry is absolutely a gift to humanity. She is an old soul.

Just discovered On Being this morning on a new local NPR station, WNNZ (at least, new to me) , and am blown away by Sarah. How young, to be so wise. I'm probably old enough to be her grandmother, but I know I can learn from her. Amazing. Thank you!

Hearing sarah for the ist time on On Being, was blown away. When will her poems (all).esp.HIROSHIMA. be published and available .on line or in book form,or even live on dvd.? . She is fantastic.