Sylvia Earle —
Her Deepness

Sylvia Earle has done something no one else has — walked solo on the bottom of the sea, under a quarter mile of water. She tells what she saw — and what she has learned — about the giant, living system that is the ocean. And, she explains why seeing a shark is a sign for hope.

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Sylvia Earle is the founder of the Sylvia Earle Alliance and Mission Blue. She’s a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. Her books include The World is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s are One and Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans.

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The pioneering oceanographer and explorer describes walking on the ocean floor under a quarter-mile of water where light can scarcely reach.

Selected Readings

The Ocean's Wonders: An Introduction to "Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans" by Sylvia Earle

In this excerpt from her memoir, Sylvia Earle reflects on her relationship with the ocean, and how essential it is for human well-being and even survival.

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Sylvia Earle shows sea life to engineer Peggy Lucas inside an experimental underwater habitat called Tektite II (1970).

Bates Littlehales © 2008 National Geographic.

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Can't download the mp3 so I can listen in my car on the way to work. What's changed?

Trent Gilliss's picture

Ron, if you click on the "Radio Show/Podcast" link in the upper left-hand corner of the page, you'll then be able to stream or download the mp3 file. Happy driving!

This is not working for me. A file is created but with zero kb

If I do what you suggested Ron do then I cn download the cut version of the interview, but I want the uncut version and I agree with Ron that it is not possible because you have changed your format

I haven't heard from you as to what is wrong with your presentation but when I try to download your uncut version of the Sylvia Earle interview it can only be as a HTML Document and not as an MP3 file. Please tell me what I should do to get it to download as an MP3 file


Are you clicking on the link and opening a new window, or are you clicking on the link and selecting "Save target"? You need to let the pop-up window open and then save the file from the download link in the pop-up window. You may need to allow pop-ups for this site if you have a pop-up blocker running.

Hope this helps.

I'm not sure if it's my server or what, but things seem different with the way the site is formatted. The "share" field doesn't seem to work, I wanted to tweet, facebook and Google Plus this story, maybe later after I've finished it.

Wonderful- Two truly beautiful voice tones- thank you----Dave

I agree, both the guest and the interviewer provided a rich experience that made me appreciate NPR
and all the terrific radio available. How lucky we are.

what does sylvia earle eat? does she eat meat that is raised inhumanely? is she a vegetarian or vegan?

Did anyone ever answer the question - Is Earle at least vegetarian, and more hopefully, vegan? I am crossing my fingers that she isn't another one of those kind of "environmentalists".

Moving, inspiring inteview with Sylvia Earle today. Thank you.

The oceans are being ravaged by humans filled with greed as depicted by This interview was enlightening and it emphasized the importance and beauty of the oceans. Please emphasize the importance of being Vegan and saving the oceans. namaste!

Wonderful piece, excellent, both Sylvia's experience and Christine's charming questions and comments. Thank you so very much.
I will share with everyone!!!

Thank you for another amazing show, i just listened to the interview with Sylvia Earle and I am once again transformed and enlightened by her voice and knowledge. This radio show has become a big part of my continued education, I love what she said about first knowing then acting wisely with that knowledge.

The interview with Sylvia Earle was outstanding and reminded me of a time when most scientists and explorers, so engaged in their work, could not contain themselves. It seems that discussions with luminaries from almost any discipline now revolve around administrative tasks and funding. I hope others encountered the same visceral response I had to Ms. Earle's observations. Thank you.

I did. It was refreshing to experience that sense of awe, even if only second hand through listening to an interview.

Thank you Sylvia for your dedication and your life. Thank you for your passion toward all things living ...of the ocean.

so glad its not just me having trouble with the download of the uncut version. tried several days ago and again now and its coming down as a file that simply takes me back online. this wont do in my area of signal reception so i do hope it can be fixed easily. thanks.

Trent Gilliss's picture

Hi Mary Beth. I'd like to help you but want to make sure of what steps you're taking so I can make the process better. Would you be able to walk me through what you're doing -- either via email at or via phone at 651.290.1354? All the best and thanks for helping us!

Thank you so much for your program featuring Sylvia Earle.
I have always wondered why we do not have the equivalent of a NASA for ocean discovery.
We know considerably very little about a resource we are absolutely dependent on, is right here on Earth and
we have had such a negative effect on. We obviously do not need to "know" something to damage it.

Very interesting and enlightening. Thank you!
Funny comment but when I turned on my radio I thought gee, Martha Stewart knows a lot about oceans too! Their voices are ver similar.

It is so eye-opening and shocking to hear Sylvia say that some fish we would eat might be a couple of centuries old, and eating sharks' fin has become popular among comsumers around the world.
It is a big shame that some Chinese would consider Sharks' fin as a delicacy. In fact, sharks' fin is tasteless like noodles made by green beans if it has not been soaked and steamed in chicken broth for hours.
This is a joke I heard in China: a local government official was invited to a banquet. He had a bowl of soup with sharks' fin as the appetizer. He like it a lot, so he yellowed to his host: That bean noodle soup tastes very good. Give me another bowl.

Wonderful story Keep up the gret work.

I listened to the radio program this morning, and was entranced. So much so I wanted to listen to the unedited version. Sadly, I also have the same problem accessing it. There is a popup box, but when I click either play or download, nothing at all happens. I hope you will fix this so that I and others can listen to this treasure of an interview in its entirety.

I would like to download the uncut version of the interview, but when I click on the link an empty pop-up window is all I get. I cannot listen to nor download it. Please help.

Dear Ms Tippett n Dr Earle.

The interview is/was inspiring. I've sent your link to family , friends n colleagues. Our son David is a buddying naturalist , while my wife Susan is the director of the Rancocas Nature Center in Burlington County . The interview gives hope and a sense of awe to the listener .


Intelligent thinkers like Sylvia Earle and passionate advocates for preserving Life on Earth, like her, give me confidence that humanity is evolving overall, despite setbacks provoked by retrograd powermongers, politicians and for-profit corporations, who in the name of national or economic interest or just pure greed cause the death of animal species, including our own. To accelerate our human evolution, start by modifying your own habits of course, but dedicate yourself to fighting ignorance and greed of those who benefit from the death of others.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sylvia on several occasions while working with an underwater film crew. She is one of the most extraordinary people I have every met. Brave, strong, highly intelligent, kind, a fearless thinker, an explorer, a leader, an motivator and a woman who sees beauty in all things.

I loved this episode. Also, the music in the breaks was great. I would love to know the songs that were playing during. If anyone knows could they email me at

Great listen. Love your voice. I had to listen to this and write about it for extra credit in my biology class. I'm writing to you to ask what soundtrack you used on it. I have only listened to one of your podcasts, so maybe you use it for all of them... ? any information on it would be great.