Krista Tippett speaks with Jane Goodall at the Halki Summit in Istanbul, TurkeyKrista Tippett speaks with Jane Goodall between sessions at the Halki Summit. (Photo by Trent Gilliss)

Over the course of three days on the island of Heybeliada across from Istanbul, our host Krista Tippett moderated a plethora of panels at the Halki Summit on Global Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability. One of the keynote speakers we found so endearing was primatologist Jane Goodall, whom may give Justin Bieber or Bono a run for his money in the world of superstar fandom. It seems that there was no one present who wasn't captivated by her presence.

As she spoke about her work with chimpanzees and land conservation groups, she offered these sobering words during her keynote address: "We haven't borrowed anything from our children; we've stolen it." We recorded her entire speech and will make the audio available later this week.

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cool - looking forward to it.