The YouTube project called "It Gets Better" is a noble effort to help save the many young gay and questioning children and teenagers out there right now who are struggling, who are contemplating suicide. The project tries to show those "despairing LGBT kids who are being bullied and harassed, kids who don't think they have a future" that adults who were in their same situation as them have endured and emerged in a safer, happier place. They are examples that life goes on, that situations do improve.

The video above of Dan Savage, the author of the syndicated sex column"Savage Love" and who started this project after Billy Lucas' suicide, and his husband should be a vivid reminder to all of us about the true virtue of civility and kindness. No matter where you stand on the gay rights issue, this video should appeal to the need for a common decency for all people.

And for all of you Project Runway fans, Tim Gunn has recently released his contribution to the project with a troubling story from his own childhood:

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It is so wrong that you include this content on your website. Keep your cult beliefs to yourself. Please do not try to act like others are as indoctrinated as you are.

Do you even know what you're talking about here, or are you just parroting the labels and hateful comments of the anti-humanity cult?

What are you even talking about? Please clarify your comments so that others (like me) can understand your comments.

"No matter where you stand on the gay rights issue, this video should appeal to the need for a common decency for all people."

Does Tim Gunn know you are using his content? For a cult?

And which "cult" would that be?

Thank you for posting these beautiful, heart wrenching videos. At first I was dismissive of the project's idea, since telling teens that they'll grow out of their painful times isn't usually much comfort, but after seeing these videos, I feel differently. While I still hope for a more comprehensive approach "on the ground," these videos are authentic and deeply moving, and I hope that people everywhere, of every age, can feel the upsurge of hope that I'm feeling when watching these.

Beautiful. If only we can somehow let kids know that love holds them, in spite of all the cruelty and unhappiness that may be in their face at any given moment, love that is far deeper and stronger than ugliness, ignorance, and fear. Thanks for this project --

Thank you, Krista Tippett, for providing the link to these two videos. I'd heard of this project but had not yet viewed Dan's video. As I listened to these stories my mind replayed events in my mind that are similar to the events these gentlemen retold. Many of us have not only contemplated suicide but made the attempt. Fortunately, some of us have family members that intervened. Until we are fully equal in our society, perhaps becoming "surrogate" family to troubled gay youth, suicides will become a thing of the past. They need to know that someone believes in them.

This is such a beautiful effort to support and love our children. High school can be hell for so many kids, especially if you are different in any way. I hope these videos will give some help and support to any child struggling through those difficult years...and perhaps contemplating suicide.

I love this project and these videos. We must all learn, teach, and model compassion, understanding and LOVE toward ALL and stop the hate that drives our children to kill themselves. For too long, some of the most hostile, hateful, discriminatory, and violent forces against LGBT people have been "religious." We each have the opportunity to be the embodiment of loving kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others and to teach our children to do the same.

Beautiful messages are necessary to counter the ignorance of the bullying mentality and the devastating effect it has on victims. People who bully classically have a very low sense of self-worth, and a need to diminish others to feel better about themselves. I understand the pain. This project is so wonderful, and provides hope to those who suffer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It's beautiful seeing sincere people display their love for who they are, their lives and others with such a wide audience.Who dares making themselves this vulnerable?!?
My highest respect to Dan, his husband and Tim!

Thanks Krista (and all your crew) for linking us to these videos. I am very concerned about teen suicide whether gay or straight. Things do get better, I am living proof of that.

Thanks for posting this! It's a wonderful project.

I remember being in exactly the mindset that Tim and Dan and the others in this project talk about. And it did get better. So much better that at 45, I told my parents I wouldn't change it now if I could. And while the struggle broke the false barriers for me, teens should be able to discover who they are without confronting hatred. So, in my mind this is God's battlefield that defines who is good and who is inherently evil. Anyone - of any age - who bullies a child with threats or worse just because they are questioning who they are and trying to find their place in the world, well, that bullying person would have to be by definition evil.

I would love it if Krista interviewed Dan on the show!

Thank you Krista for posting this! I am also a fan a having Dan on the show!

You're welcome. I had been holding this for a couple of weeks before posting, but felt the time was right with our show with Richard Mouw.

Thanks for posting this----what beautiful, compassion people----who have found a way to live and love and not be broken by hatred.  I have two young grandsons and it gives me great comfort to know that this program, teaching and support exists.  Help and support for them if they happen to be born gay.  Love really will change the world and I hope as a grandmother I can find a way to support this program.

I appreciate the sentiment and the effort of the "It Gets Better" movement. I can't help but think however, what if all the people who were willing to speak out in this way personally reached out to advocate for LGBT students by educating heterosexuals who speak out of ignorance and fear? Or advocating by meeting with school boards? Or beginning some sort of support network for students who are singled out for being LGTB. It very well may get better for most young teens, but who is there for them personally when they have been beaten and bullie. The hormones and emotions of teenagers make them so vulnerable to depression and despair. Not every kid has the kind of support available to them to guide and comfort them through this dark and hopeless period of time in their lives. "It Gets Better" is a fine sentiment but can feel rather empty when one is in the darkest of days.

I just read the transcript with Brene Brown and recently quoted her at a sermon I gave on Beloved Community. Since Dr. Brown states that vulnerabilty makes us beautiful, I told my friends at my church that when I come out of the closet I am simply stunning! Thank you for sharing this connection. When I was in nursing school in the early 70's there was a young gay man who was going through electroshock therapy because they believed it would change his sexual orientation. Psychiatrists finally took homosexuality off the list of psychiatric disorders! So, at one point, even the medical community was bullying us. Most of them are now more enlightened.

I love love love these videos!! thank you thank you thank you .....xoxox P