The filmmaker David Lynch has been a vocal advocate of transcendental meditation for some time now. But I’m quite intrigued with the work that his foundation is doing with returning veterans. The national initiative they are calling “Operation Warrior Wellness” aims to “teach 10,000 veterans and their families a simple meditation practice for preventing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

Their kick-off event is this morning and they are streaming live video at 11 Eastern from the Paley Center for Media in New York.  It looks like their will be a healthy line-up of celebrities (Clint Eastwood and David Lynch), scientific researchers, and war veterans who “will present evidence showing that Transcendental Meditation can be an effective aid for veterans suffering from combat stress and PTSD, including anxiety, depression, anger episodes, hypervigilance, insomnia, and substance abuse.”

While you wait, here’s a short video the David Lynch Foundation produced featuring veterans and their experiences with meditation:

If you watch this, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about what they’re doing.

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Finally! Western medicine & psychology have long overlooked the wisdom (and practicality) of Eastern ways of working with the mind and its maladies. The practice of meditation is the cornerstone of this work. Do it. It works. Many thanks to David Lynch and others!

I believe 100% in the benefits of meditation, TM included. Some treatment providers within the VA have been using it as a form of treatment for PTSD for some time, which is wise and forward thinking.

Watching the video for any length of time was a little annoying as I had to hit pause and then play again to keep the picture going.

After watching quite a ways through (pause, resume, pause, resume) I never did get through to the end, there was some other type of interruption. But the further I got, the presentation did begin to take on the feel of some kind of revivalist meeting. A few big names, lots of testimonial about how great it is with very little in the way of detail or what the audience will be asked to do. Yet. I got curious and looked up the website for The Transcendental Meditation Program, James Krag's organization. Adult course fee: $1500.

Took a while to download,but i found it very interesting and hopeful,a way to help PTSD with out the drug side effects..And Davids group will pay the whole thing?..sounds like a good idea

It's difficult not to get enthusiastic about TM. I got great results from my first meditation - I started feeling very happy, instead of being anxious, tense and depressed as I had been for several years. I didn't understand why such a change took place when I first learned the technique, but having studied the extensive research carried out over some forty years, I have come to understand that many physiological and psychological changes take place when you practise it regularly. They come through the release of deep stresses (physiological abnormalities caused by any overload of experience), and through the gradual development of the total brain, instead of having to get by with using only the small parts developed through our present information-based educational system. The changes that take place are very real, very concrete, and have been proven over and over again.

It would be great if all leaders in the armed forces, police force, and the fields of education and health could see this video and then check out all the research on TM for themselves. Then try the technique for themselves. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Giving to veterans and soldiers Transcendental Meditation would be a great way to express our gratitude to the men and women who risk their lives to protect our nation.

While listening to your recent program on Doris Taylor, especially the latter segment where she spoke of her research on Matthieu Ricard and her belief in the healing efficacy of meditation, I had the repeated thought that you guys ought to do a program on Transcendental Meditation. Now I feel encouraged that you might do so! Thanks for all the great shows, it's one of the best programs on the air.

I think that this is remarkable. I have over the years been interested in Mr. Lynch's filmmaking having studied his films at college. But I am even more delighted with his philanthropic work. Maybe it takes a creative mind like his to bring forth an unorthodox solution like this. I must say that I am surprised that meditation can be applied so reliably and realistically to such an intense problem. The federal government's funding of research certainly is extremely impressive knowing how competitive their grants for research are. As much as I enjoyed listening to the experiences of the veterans who had PTSD and who felt benefit from their TM experience, I think that the reports by the three doctors and two researchers that had measured results through objective tests was what is clearly most impressive. I can only hope that this new yet ancient approach to helping people overcome the ravages of traumatic stress really works. My heart really goes out to our veterans who are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD and we really need to find ways to help them. I certainly hope that the people at the Veterans Administration are alert to this and are open to using new, "evidenced-based" approaches like this.

Can this be applied to soldiers still out in the field? A marine from my state was taken prisoner and I would pray that he would be able to enjoy the strawberries growing from the vine as the tiger chased him over the cliff; it a Zen/Taoist story of finding peace in the moment. I always thought it would be helpful for those still in the field to utilize these traditions. I live in a bad neighborhood, even my pets have PTSD (one is paraplegic from neighbor shooting it), it is indeed hard to mediate when you are still in the environment, but if they had the proper support, the proper follow through, it definitely helps. They deserve all the support they need to enjoy the freedoms they fought for us to have.

Bravo! Great they are out there making this available. As a doctor of Åcupuncture, I have created a double CD, "Veteran's Stress Release" for vets with PTD. And another version for 'civilians', "Cellular Meditation vols I & II. My system is actually easier because it is about connecting with All the brains of the body, feel-good endorphins, sensing the body not just quieting the mind. Check it out on sample meditations...

I am a Buddhist Chaplain in training and I commend the David Lynch Foundation and Mr. Eastwood for their wonderful efforts. There is a piece of God, Buddha, Christ, Higher, positive energy in all of us. Meditation allows us to access this.

I am mental coaches in Sweden and very interested in mental changes at training with prof Lars-Erik Uneståhls method consists on instructions loaded audio files. With the method that consists of four steps muscular relaxation, mental relaxation and exercise self esteem and finally ideomotor exercises with goal programming in 7-8 weeks.

The method is based on changes in mindset and my question is whether there is any evidence of