Dagens foto - 140: Walk

In light of Krista's conversation on how to hold civil conversations when it comes to the discussion of equal marriage, here's a short poem written in Newark airport a few weeks ago following a brief encounter with a former colleague:

r e t u r n i n g s

I see her, former colleague
in the baggage area of a
foreign airport.

Oh hi, she says,
looking awkwardly towards the
empty carousel.

Then she decides.
I hear you’re gay now, she says.
are you still a Christian?

Oh how will we tell this story?

She, to her friends, with
sadness, curiosity and prayers
for reorientation and returning.

Me, to mine, with sadness,
anger and prayers for
refocusing the lenses and returning.

And the anger was all mine.
And that question
was all about her.

Should we not just dance instead,
I should have said,
together turn a little waltz in

the chorus of our own bodies
while we wait and wait and wait for something better
than the empty carousel of this question.

How will we tell this story?
How will I tell this story?
With sadness.

With practicings of little ballroom dances
while we wait, confidently,
for what is most important to be returned.

Pádraig Ó TuamaPádraig Ó Tuama, originally from Cork, now lives in Belfast where he works in poetry, theology, mediation, and dialogue projects. He neglects his website on a regular basis and has recently published a book of poetry Readings from the Book of Exile.

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Beautiful. Thank you for posting.

Thank you

Yes to dance!
How will we tell this story...with much heart.

I love the understatement and the gentle return of the "question". Dancing is so much more productive of frutiful relationship. For me the question is "can what is most important" be returned?

beautiful....thank you

The imagery is beautiful. So often I feel the same way...that I am at an empty carousel in a vast airport (apparently coming home) waiting for something of greater value and of more importance to be returned. It is so easy to feel angry because there are no easy answers to difficult dialogue, that question: "I heard you are gay now? are you still religious?"