Hanan Harchol is back. In his last set of animated videos, he focused on the Jewish concepts of teshuva (repentance) and slicha (forgiveness). This time he focuses on the love, asking us to pause and think anew about what love is or can be. He turns an eye to people who are overly focused on what they can get out of a relationship, rather than the inherent rewards of giving:

"Look, it’s complicated. I’m looking for something else. My life is going in a different direction. It’s nobody’s fault. I just always had a certain picture in my mind, of what I want out of my life and what I want in a relationship, and honestly, what I think I really need, is to find myself. You know, I need to spend a little time focusing on me right now."

In Love and Fear (part 1), Mr. Harchol leads us to ask, 'What does giving (and fish) have to do with love?'

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absolutely wonderful. thank you for posting.

Very good


Wonderful, thank you. Hanan Harchol is a paradigm shifter.

Wonderful. As a stay-at-home mother of two children, I found it necessary to divorce my husband after 14 years of marriage. It was fish love for sure. I gave and gave and gave while he worked, went back to school, and yelled at me in front of our children for not being able to do more than I was. I never felt appreciated, yet still care he finds the happiness he is looking for, elsewhere. Thank you for this story (smile).

Thanks. These lessons are worth repeating, meditating on, and incorporating into our lives. Perfect timing, as we enter the month of elul.

I loved this and I'm yearning for more. I feel as if I need to 'get thyself to the nearest Temple' for more teachings and like stories. Thank you for sharing!

Very nice. Of course the first thing I thought of doing was to send a link to this to the person who I want to "give me more love". When will I ever learn?!!

I am not Jewish but I had a lot of Jewish friends growing up in Miami and in the early years of the time in the Air Force. I love the Jewish philosophy and listening to them closely and gleaning what I can learn from a lot I don't really understand when their speech is thick with accept.

Plant more trees :)

Exceptional- thank you for enriching my life!

This is a wonderfully presented philosophical lesson whose message of ego-less giving of love is desperately needed, but so rarely heeded.
thanks so much.

Thank you! for voicing what I know/feel, but didn't have the words to say

I love! notes from IGeneration - let's learn.

This is lovely, a great reminder of the transformative and transcendent power of selfless love. Worth a re-hearing on a regular basis. I like the comparison of a love relationship with a business relationship. This requires us to s t r e t c h. And oh, that hurts!

I often us that illustration of planting the fruit tree (or shade tree) as a giving freely, without any expectation of personal gain. Thanks for sharing this!

I love it.

I am a psychoanalist practising in Argentina(born & living here). after my middle daughter Claudia passed away at age 13,(44 years ago) as I looked into her things to find something that could give a clue of her early death, I found a poem with the words "The essential thing in life is love". It´s written on her tombstone & it became my goal in life to honor that concept, trying to spread it to as many people i'm able to. It helped me to reach the most intense happiness in my life.
I had forgotten about this sketch, -which I find so revealing- & want to ask for the permission to translate it to Spanish subtitles, so I can show it & possibly gather goups to discuss it.

If we could realize how much we get in inner warmth making the connection to others a helpful one, the world would be a happier place. JUST TRY IT!!!!