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A fabulous conversation was had yesterday at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for the produced show in the coming; it’s going to be a good one. 

(photo: Trent Gilliss)

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rosanne cash is so skilled with words that are rarely heard in usual conversation.

A fabulous interview. Hooked.

I couldn't agree more, it sure was awesome.

I was deeply moved by this interview and by Rosanne Cash's unique mixture of clear expression, insight, and humility. A colleague of deep faith recently lost her husband and after I heard "God Is in the Roses" I got my colleague the CD. She was grateful and the music is helping her be accepting and heal. Thank you Rosanne Cash. And thank you, Krista Tippett, for doing this.

Awesome blog and post! Cheers! How long has this blog been running now?
The only thing is I seem to be having slight technical difficulties
getting to your RSS feed though. 

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Great show!

She was grateful and the music is helping her be accepting and heal. narrative essay outline