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For so many Christians, "O Come, Emmanuel" was sung from choral sanctuaries and blasted from organ pipes at the back of the church this past weekend on the first Sunday of Advent. I’m going to guess that very few services featured such a stirring pairing of piano and cello.

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Bring Forth the Light!

God is with and within us... Emmuel... A prayer in music “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age”

Thank you!

Blessed my day! Such a wonderful rendition of such a wonderful song....Notes flowing like a cool drink of water. Thanks .

compelling arrangement ... thank you

This is by far the most beautiful, stirring rendition of "O Come, Emanuel" I've ever heard. Almost brings tears to one's eyes - seriously!

Trent Gilliss's picture

Couldn't agree more.

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you to all involved in producing this gift for us followers of Krista Tippett. And it looks like you're the one who should take a bow Trent ! It's only the superb kind of stuff that we have come to associate with On Being. Happy Christ mas.

oh, my.....


Thank you for this. Beautiful way to start this Wednesday morning.

Sublime. Music has no religion; perhaps that is why fundamentalists, of all hues, attempt to suppress music.


I'm a fundamentalist and I/we don't supress music. We sing all the time, and I find this beautiful. In fact one of my earliest memories is of walking down the aisle at my church as a child, in candlelight and singing O come O come Emmanuel. And you're right. It's not about religion. Its about having a relationship with God who loves you. Merry Christmas!

Thank you.

Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss...Bliss.

very moving


Thank you, beautiful...

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful rendition of a classic. What great sound.

Oooo Moma well look whats been done, you can only see the stars after a setting sun.

Hauntingly lovely.

beautiful and moving

a blessing to my day...

Lovely! Where was this recorded?

Trent Gilliss's picture

I have no idea, Lisa. Epcot Center? (just kidding) I'd love to find out but couldn't immediately find any information in the extras section.

From the comments on the Piano Guys FB page, it looks to be a movie set in Goshen, UT. The set was built for a movie the mormon church was making. And, since the Piano Guys are mormons, no surprises there.

Trent Gilliss's picture

Ah, thanks for the information!

Thanks for featuring this. Will have to show it to my boys. My 9 year old (plays piano) and 12 year old (plays viola) are big fans of these guys. Even though the boys are not allowed to indulge in any media during the week, I let them watch The Piano guys videos on YouTube couple times every once in a while. :)

Trent Gilliss's picture

The Internet isn't all bad! ;)

So, peaceful and beautiful is like being on Heaven.

Amazing and inspiring,,,, a brilliant rendition - bravo!!!!!

I wept.

Beautiful rendition in a setting that is extraordinary and worthy of the music and the musicians.


Beautiful! Thanks for 5:34 minutes of peace in my day.

Very beautiful and moving!

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Just when I decided not to listen to any more Christmas music unless it came as a suprize.
This is what I've been waiting for.
Emmanuel, come, come, come...

Baruch Hashem Adonai

Beautiful! Touched my soul. Thank you!

Thank you for a transporting listening experience! The waiting, the longing evoked in this playing spans the ages.

Many thanks, for this beautiful offering.

Deeply moving.

The church setting, the arrangement with the beautiful obligatos, the perfect performance make this a spine-tingling listening experience. The manner in which the simple song is developed make me wish it were available for purchase. If it is please let
me know!

Insanely, blessedly beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

How stirring a presentation of this song so close to the hearts of so many in the Season of Advent. Thank you for posting this video! Blessings for the Season of Light!
n of Lights and Expectation!

Exquisite! Takes my breath away...Blessings of this Season of Hope.


What a way to remember what the season is about -beauty and love.

Sublime! Thank you.

Has always been one of favorites... but never performed so well and with so emotion...