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For so many Christians, "O Come, Emmanuel" was sung from choral sanctuaries and blasted from organ pipes at the back of the church this past weekend on the first Sunday of Advent. I’m going to guess that very few services featured such a stirring pairing of piano and cello.

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Absolutely gorgeous.

Very soothing.

From a Unitarian Universalist.....this is exquiste!

it opens the heart
lifting and soaring,
the vibrations carry so passionately
so tenderly.
Deeply spiritual.

we live for beauty

Such beautiful reaches to one's soul.

Beautiful! Thank you.

So inspiring and beautifully presented

Wonderful sound and harmony. Heavenly

An arrangement of this carol for the ages - love the sparse pairing of cello and piano!

More beautiful than words can say!!!

This really soothes the soul. It's so good to pay attention to Advent now; it's not time for Christmas yet, please.

I love this hymn, too! But the traditional words can create obstacles for those of us who are trying to be in thoughtful dialogue in the Jewish and Christian communities. The Center for Christian Jewish Learning at Boston College has a lovely reworking of the lyrics that is much better. You can download it for free here:

Beautiful. Thank you!

Awesomely beautiful....thank you for this gracious gift!


Such ineffable beauty! Almost gave me goosebumps. The simplicity of the combination added to the effect.

What a beautiful expression of the longing in each human heart for the Love and Joy that only God can give. And the location - amazing! Austere, ancient suggests Rome or Jerusalem. On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, this is a beautiful gift to Our Lady.

so beautiful!

Thanks, Doug.

So hauntingly lovely. This arrangement seems to me to contain not only the Christian longing for the Messiah's return but that ancient Jewish longing for the coming of the Messiah as well. When music is properly arranged, it truly can speak -- words are not even necessary. What a blessing this is -- what better way for me to begin the 2nd Sunday of Advent.

Incredibly Beautiful ~ Thank You

A perfect Advent meditation. Thank you.


So beautiful

Rejoice.. REJOICE! God with us, among us, one of us, comes to us; and his reward is with him.

this is magnificent. How can I share it with musician friends? L x

Exquisitely beautiful!
Thank you.

At first I was singing the lyrics in my head but then became lost in the music. The musicians are absolutely brill and have done a magical version Peponi/Paradise (should be on YouTube). What a stirring piece of music and it made me weepy like all Christmas carols should!

Like the line in the song says... Rejoice, rejoice! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Magnificent !

This is beautiful, so contemplative, restfull and full of spirituality. Thanks.

Beautiful. It will impact how I listen to this hymn from now on. I will hear the plaintive cry of the cello, and the waterfall accompaiment of the Piano.

This is marvelous - I had to listen a second time with the Christmas version, and It was soothing. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece.

This touches your soul and brings one peace----such talented musicians ! Thank you!

lush and evocative. I am not Christian but this is utterly moving.

Beautiful! Sending this to my seminarian son.

Such a healing work of art. Thank you. xo

Exquisite! A perfect rendition of this beloved melody.

in a word - F A B U L O U S!

Stunningly beautiful. Many thanks.

Truly beautiful rendition. Thank you for this gift, showing me of how wonderful our God given talents are when we share.

Such a powerful rendition!

Absolutely beautiful and so moving ...........just like our EMANUEL ! ! ! !

the best I've heard this season. Soulful

Everything about this performance is exquisite. It brought tears to my eyes and reached me more than I can describe with words. Thank you so very much.

The physical location is a movie set? It truly looks more like a castle or fortress that contains a chapel or church...Yes, it looks pretty clean for a many-centuries old edifice and grounds, but....

May God's light continue to shine, and to be accompanied by this music, a gift of the angels given through this wonderful duo.

I am an atheist (formerly catholic), and a pianist myself. I have tears in my eyes as I listen to this duet . Music transcends all belief systems, and is an emotional experience that everyone around the planet can share.


I'm completely melted! Thanks