As I've written here before, I'm a Bikram yoga devotee. Though I've become rather scarce in the hot room over the last several months, my aim is to get back to three classes a week. So I was delighted to get this time lapse from a friend on Facebook, reminding me of every little moment of those 26 asanas, in 105 degrees, for 90 minutes.

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I think it's important to add that this guy, fit as he is- is giving into his fidgety-ness by leaving the room, etc. At least for a public broadcast of a Bikram class, one needs to present the concept that part of the practice is limiting the urges to move around more than necessary, leave the room, drink water between every pose, etc. Though it's completely acceptable, it's not encouraged. Part of the 'tapas' is breathing through the urges to do anything except focus on breath and the asana.

Hi! I am sooo into yoga! I am interested in bikram yoga. Right now, I am still in slow pace and gentle yoga for beginners like me. However, I am curious to know if bikram yoga is for beginners too?

I think the guy left because his feet were so sweaty he couldn't hold a wide-legged pose without the risk of injuring himself. The section of the video from 1:23 until the point where he left was very alarming - I was waiting for a knee injury.

This was entertaining! I like finding out who is a devotee of this style of yoga, and also of On Being. These two things have been INSTRUMENTAL in keeping me healthy and happy over the years I have partaken of them. Thanks for a GREAT and therapeutic program:)