I am not as devout a yoga practitioner as my colleagues, Kate and Krista, but I usually do about 20 minutes of yoga after a half hour on the elliptical — don’t ask me how often THAT happens. Actually, it is exactly 20:27, during which I go through a series of poses that I learned from a few yoga classes as well as a some instructional DVDs. I have an iTunes playlist on my computer called “Mitch-Yoga” that I put on and I know that I will start when the music starts and stop when it is done, measuring the time spent on each pose to where I am on the playlist. It is interesting to see if I am rushing through it or if I am necessarily taking my time.

Well here are the rest. The first track is Bebel Gilberto’s “All Around,” have a listen:

2. “Madman’s Honey” performed by Wire

3. “Ceu Distante” performed by Bebel Gilberto

4. “The Boy with the Gun” performed by David Sylvian

5. “Maria” performed by David Sylvian

I don’t think this is for everyone, but it does put me in a place that helps me relax and get into my body. What do you like to listen to while you do yoga? Silence?

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I like to listen to Gregorian Chants. I know it's a bit cliche, but it really helps me to get into that spiritual space. I recently heard women singing Gregorian Chants on one of SOF's shows. I looked into some albums and I'm going to try, Words of the Angel by Trio Mediaeval. On two sites it got nothing but five stars. People are raving!

Trio Mediaeval's music is so gorgeous, so lush--I can see how those songs would put you into that space. I've used their music on a few SOF programs and some of the staff went to see them at the Fitzgerald Theater last spring (?) when they were promoting their folk songs album. I did enjoy the show, but I was really hoping they would have performed some of their chant pieces.

I listen to Speaking of Faith actually. It engages my mind in thinking about spirituality while my body is engaged in yoga. This is probably not what you're "supposed" to do, but oh, well. It works for me.

What a compliment! And as you say, if it works for you, who can argue?

David Sylvian has been part of my life since 1981 and his music has only improved over the years. I am so happy to see he also touches you too.

Even when I don't do 20 minutes, I have four or five poses that I do each morning or night, just to relax and stretch out my body. It does give me peace, and I often use Bebel Gilberto or Ceu.

Silence is good sometimes. I like to play Carlos Nakai Native American flute while practicing yoga. I like having no words to distract me.

Silence is not a passive energy. It throbs with great fierceness. Silence is a breathing,living,power.

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