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For so many Christians, "O Come, Emmanuel" was sung from choral sanctuaries and blasted from organ pipes at the back of the church this past weekend on the first Sunday of Advent. I’m going to guess that very few services featured such a stirring pairing of piano and cello.

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I am listening to this with my beloved whose health is failing... He is at peace listening to these exquisite sounds... And so am I.

Trent Gilliss's picture

Jeanne, I wish him and you a most peaceful holiday season. Thank you for writing.

Heartbreakingly beautiful

Forgive my adolescent inclinations (I'm 45) but this sounds like an incredible intro to a rock song. Andrew Lloyd Weber - Jesus Christ Superstar?You find God where you least-expect...

Trent Gilliss's picture

Ah, if only Freddy Mercury were alive today. The theatrical rock opera this could be...!

........just listening to this now, on December 15th...........such solace for the soul after the horror of yesterday........

Wow! That's all that comes to mind. WOW! Thank you for sharing!

I love it!

Thanks for sharing something of such beauty, and the promise it holds.


After the events of this week - this is my prayer.

Very beautiful. and so lovely to hear this combination and in this setting... I really enjoyed this..

Thank you. God bless you.

Simplicity brings for complexity.

Thank you for the beauty of music!

Just beautiful

Just lovely. Uplifting.

This brings peace to my soul--and hope for a less violent world,

How nourishing to our souls. Pure gift...
Thanks and Blessings.

A soul stirring rendition of a beautiful song.

Beautifully done, soulfull!
Thank you!!!

This is absolutely prayerful and beautiful. Thanks!
Will play it each day during Advent.

A beautiful arrangement of one of the most moving songs of Christmas. Thank you.

We need more beauty like this in our world!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you for this beautiful piece of music. It made my heart ache and bloom at the same time. Thanks.

A real joy to listen too. So soothing, peaceful and very moving. Most up lifting.

Fantastic and beautiful to listen to

This was spectacular. One of my favorite Advent hymns! Sheila

a beautiful rendition ! Thank you

magnificant I needed that so much....thank you
musically and visually stunning

Christmas to me means loving and giving. Being humble and patient with those who might irritate me. God bless all. May this year be the year of peace and reconciliation. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones AND a Happy New Year.

"I Am the Alpha and the Omega!" (Rev.1:8) Beautiful ! Thanks!

Thank you so very much for this inspiring piece. I can't put into words how beautiful it is.

Absolutely beautiful music.

I'm in.

Utterly divine.......

God-given talent used to praise Him and uplift us. Thank you. And thank you, Peg, for sharing.

Gratitude and love fill me as I listen to such a beautiful piece.

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Thank you all for the work you do On Being. It is a gem of a program.

Trent Gilliss's picture

Most welcome, Esther. I was so happy to have a forum to share this wonderful performance!

Nice. Please fix the typo in the caption - two m's in Emmanuel.

Thank you this was simply beautiful.

Absolutely Beautiful

Rejoice rejoice how captivating. Exquisite


God and the Divine are perceived through the rendition of our music. The better half of human nature is accessed.

Beautiful and soul stirring, thank you.

Lovely! Thank you for sharing this.

Christmas is a time for Love, Compassion, Thoughtfulness, Renewal of the Spirit and Peace. It is very hard now days to see all this at one sighting. I however, try to do my best to see this strangers but it's getting harder each year. How the heck did it get to be this wrong?

Peace to all