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For so many Christians, "O Come, Emmanuel" was sung from choral sanctuaries and blasted from organ pipes at the back of the church this past weekend on the first Sunday of Advent. I’m going to guess that very few services featured such a stirring pairing of piano and cello.

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So beautiful.... Rejoice... we need to be reminded to rejoice.

Through this beautiful performance, Emanuel has come. Praise God

I have come across this on a day of silence over the Newtown tragedy. It seems very fitting at this moment.

o come o come emanuel is my favorite christmas song. i am in search of a cd that plays ALL verses of this song. and I mean all verses. it is too beautiful a song to cut short.

A beautiful rendition to get me into the mood for the true meaning of Christmas.

Beautiful. It goes beyond words. I just thank God I am able to hear this.

This is the most beautiful rendition of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" I've ever heard!

What an inspiring note to mark the Season welcoming Christ Jesus today!

The Cello seems to 'sing'! This is jus beautiful

This makes me grateful that it has been included as a part of creation. It creates an authentic longing for the very Person we need.


This is a beautiful song. It did bring tears to my eyes.

So pure, meditative, and blessed. Thank you for sharing this.

I'm not the most Godly person in the world but, this brings tears to my eyes, Thank You!
I'm beginning to turn my life around.

Awesome and passionate, rich in writing

So very lovely, thank you!

Just lovely, thank you!

A true prayer expressing the deepest longings of our hearts.

Just what I need at that particular moment...many thanks

very beautiful and moving

That was moving and extraordinary!


An enthrallment of so subtle an alluring mystery as God's desire to be with man....

I was tired when I sat down - after hearing this wonderful version of Emmanuel - I am now inspired. Thank you.

Our congregation sang a verse of this each week during our Advent as the Introit.

replaying this beautiful interpretation after Christmas keeps the light and spirit present...thank you!

Peace and Joy to all!

This is so beautiful and classic!


Moving, poignant presentation.

Where are they playing? It is so beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful to the point of tears.

How spectacular was that? I watched in the week between Christmas and New Year's - a perfect coda to the year. A perfect start start to the next. At times my brain told me I was hearing an orchestra while my eyes confirmed there were just the two playing. Ahhhhh. Thank you for posting this.


It is after Christmas and I am taking a deep breath as I listen to your beautiful gift of, "O Come, Emmanuel". Thank you

I'm at a loss for beautiful...the power of music.

Spellbinding. Intensely moving. The setting indicates timelessness.

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks Krista and the team of On Being! Happy New Year to you all.

Sublime! Uplifting! Thank you


I came, I read this article, I conqeured.

The pairing of my two favorite instruments playing the beautiful Advent hymn is truly a latent gift - thank you!

Exquisitely rendered.

Loved the straight piano and cello version. as well as the setting. I didn't care for the Christmas Version.

i love the music i think it is wonderful !!

One of the best combination I have ever heard!

The accident of finding this post has brigtheend my day


The ability to think like that is aylwas a joy to behold

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