Healing Places: Farm Pasture in Upstate New York
Sometimes healing spaces are not only in far-away romantic, picturesque places. As Asha Sanaker from Ithaca, New York points out, these sacred spaces often encompass our back yards and our livelihoods:

"This is our pasture on our small farm in upstate New York. Over the years this land has raised sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, pigs, rabbits, foxes, deer, ground hogs, thousands of birds, innumerable barn cats, two little girls, and two adults. In the summer I sit in this swing and watch billions of fireflies dance in the tall grass. Currently we are fighting against the incursion of hydrofracking in the area, and I fear that this precious bit of earth that I've been entrusted with will be irreparably damaged. It is a tenuous, poignant time full of beauty and doubt.

This land is the most sacred place in the world right now for me and I wish I felt more confident I could protect it."

Ms. Sanaker sent this photo in response to our interview with Esther Sternberg in "The Science of Healing Places." What's your favorite healing place?

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Standing on the shoreline of Long Island Sound in Connecticut at sun rise or sunset has a healing effect

As Asha's mom I've had occasion while visiting to sit in that very same swing and meditate on my place in this world. There is a good feeling to look out across the pasture land and see the row of trees, especially in autumn when the colors are changing each day. It is a natural beauty that heals my soul. There is also a warm feeling of family when one or both of my granddaughters join me for a chat or a story. Asha found a special place when she and her family found Green Man Farm.