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Mr. Tolle’s writings (and also his works on CD) are some of our favorites. He was prominent influence on the title song from our 2008 CD “It’s Time That Time Was Overthrown”. The idea of Time Overthrown is to move into a more mature, complete understanding of time’s dual aspects – what the Greeks referred to as “chronos & kairos”; chronological time and the Now moment. This is precisely what it seems to us that Mr. Tolle is pointing to.

He was also a great inspiration throughout the writing of our first book, “The Now Exspirientuality(tm): A Philosophy of Unity (Conversations with Dog, Book I)”. Among other fresh ideas our book presents “The One Exercise”, which is quite complementary to Mr. Tolle’s ideas about living in, and from, the perpetual Now moment. It’s a “no-step” exercise; one that does not give the practitioner time in which to attain this “new state of consciousness”. While engaging The One Exercise one cannot escape the Opportunity to accept what is, at every turn.

We look forward to receiving our first copies, as we plan to send one to Mr. Tolle.

The book was primarily written to complement the CD, which was primarily written to raise awareness of the Opportunity of Audience Inclusion. This is a practice that I (Greg) have engaged since 1995 and advocated since 1998 – the simple practice of musicians Living The Lyrics and going beyond traditional venues to share their music in Community Venues. These are places like senior & nursing homes, and facilities for disabled children and adults.

The idea of Living the Lyrics and practicing Audience Inclusion is precisely Mr. Tolle’s idea of living in the Now – precisely the idea that the only time for the Good Thing is Now, and Here the only place. As Alice the Canine Messiah once told me, it’s like I’d been sitting around chatting with God, and God asked me “Gregory, what would things be like in your idea of Heaven? How would people act?”

And I was ready for that one, Alice said, and I began to launch into a nice intellectual idea of how people would act – how Others would be and not be, what they would say and not say, and so forth.

But God smiled, and gently raised a hand to silence me, and said “No, Show Me.”

“And Now, Gregory,” she finished, “you find yourself waking up Here, with me and your beloved Fellow Beings.”

You ask below how often I practice my faith – I cannot escape my Faith, since beginning to practice The One Exercise, for my Faith is in This Here Now…

We welcome the Opportunity to send you a copy of the book when we have them available – hopefully in the next three to six weeks.

Thanks for your great show!!

Best of Now, always,

Greg Allen and Alice the Canine Messiah