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I've just been listening to your interview of James Prosek. Someone asked me this weekend about where I would place myself on the spectrum of faith orientation to science orientation. I find this to be a false spectrum drawn out of the assumption of a dichotomy I don't believe actually exists.

It is sometimes very difficult to find people who value magic, mystery, faith, and uncertainty and also very much embrace science. I would really love to be able to talk with Mr. Prosek as he seems to share this perspective. It was so refreshing to hear him just speak openly about how he sees the world with no air of argument or need for intellectual justification. Unfortunately, though his web presence is impressive, none of the most popular pages that feature him offer any contact information.

I'm hopeful that whoever receives this message might have the means of forwarding it to him.

Mr. Prosek - if you actually do get this - I'd love to hear more about how you see the world all fitting or colliding together. I'm a counselor/psychotherapist with a background in environmental biology and an interest in the brain, spirituality, and contextual human development. I'm basically interested in understanding how to live well and how science may be able to validate that which we already know about living well in a way that generates immediately useful interventions for those who are most at risk of living miserably. I'm sure that is extremely vague and weirdly specific all at the same time! I'm just interested in everything.

In the interview I just listened to I felt a little as if I was hearing from a kindred spirit.

I know this message is a bit silly and almost definitely a crap shoot, but it's worth asking... could we talk? Or email? Friend each other on Facebook?

I hope you actually read this.

Sincerely -

Emily Kane, Pittsburgh, PA