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Hi, this interview is rich, meaning there is so much of beauty in Mr. Prosek's obvious spirituality, of field and stream and his deep and beautiful philosophical background and beliefs.

I have been reading a book by Nigel Spivey called Enduring Creation and I am feeling the great metaphors and deep truths in language itself, as in this book title, because to endure in life, is to suffer repeatedly and to endure is to keep on going as infinity is for forever. I see a story here and it's coded within words themselves and I say, this story is ultimately about LOVE.

It all connects.

To reflect is also a water word, meaning what not only mirrors from the depths but though itself.

In Hebrew the word for man is ISH and for woman ISHA. We recognize ourselves in Fish, which contains this Hebrew word. Maybe the F which so resembles a key, is the key. We came from the sea and to perceive deeply is to SEE.

A boat in Scituate MA caught my eye, called In MOCEAN. Think about the motion in E motion and what moves us all. I am following a language based story and it is deeply spiritual.

We do it too with whimsy, the comic in cosmic:

We all strive to keep on an even kEEL, and so I am struck by Mr. Prosek's stories about eels, about the diversion of nature, about magic and that big eel that scared people away from the road construction. Boats need their keels and we have to work hard so we don't keel over with whatever hits us in life, because life is surely hard, for us all.

I too see, a divine pantheism because God is wherever I go, meaning all nature of which we are a part. and apart. Life is bipolar and it is the greatest existential angst to recognize the dichotomies, of one in l one liness.

With thanks for a most sensitive and beautiful conversation!

in divining what's beautiful and true in life's endless metaphors, we reach new understandings of what it is to be part of creation and to create and recreate. We move into the heart of art.

in truth/ruth