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What this man said had a deep application to my life,up to a point.Nevertheless, a distinction has to be made between essential weakness and that assigned by society. I have lived through the black,the feminist and the gay liberation struggles, and in each case, though I was not a member of these classes, their revolution made my life better! When they cast off their masks of helplessness, the cleansing of the atmosphere became palpable. In the late 80s, my freelance existence became blocked by homelessness. I joined in a group of people in Oakland, California that seized warehoused properties and began fixing them up, and several of these men found a new dignity in struggling against the political and economic forces against them. However many of them contented themselves with victim status and banked on the 'poor me' position. Much more needs to be said.We are approaching a new crisis in which taken-for-granted 'realities' will be proclaimed against the swelling ranks of the poor.A good crisis is a terrible thing to waste. One of my favorite thinkers, George Gurdjieff, said the were periodic cusps of planetary tension, called solioonensius, which caused amplified psychic tension. Typically this issues in war, where each side thinks the people of the other side the worst kind of people. Yet these moments are favorable for an advance in consciousness, If we but take it.