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A fascinating interview which - for a rare time in my life makes me glad to have insomnia. When I can't sleep, I listen to NPR and the BBC and it is often at 3:00 a.m. that I hear the most compelling radio that raises my consciousness. (An earlier Joe Biden speech at the World Affairs Council, as Presidential candidate, readily leaps to mind.)

As one who believes in science, I found this segment to be among the most enlightened and specific in terms of the interplay between faith and reason, and hearing it made me recall some of the most significant relationships I have had in my career with loving people - in business, volunteerism, and/or leadership circles - that I can only aspire to emulate.

My action is to share this story with a diverse group of those whom I care about, ranging from my wife, mother, in laws, and three of the other wisest people I have had the good fortune to know.

This interview reminds me of the intrigue and hope that I regularly felt when watching Charlie Rose converse with leaders in the technology field routinely. It also makes me think of a Thomas Dolby line... "They say travel broadens the mind, so... I went over the falls in a barrel."

This 53 minute segment is an embarrassment of riches. Well done.