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I have been reading on line the segment Ecce Homo and finding this deeply interesting. I am now taking a course called Ecce Homo, about Jesus, the Man, taught in the Brandeis Bolli Adult Learning Program. I think it's fascinating to examine the mirroring that occurs throughout life, and that coming to a deep and profound thinking by a geologist, in terms of life's tectonics, as a mirror for the faults in the earth and that fragility, is what I am referencing. It does seem, as I go through life, that we are all experiencing profound metaphoric connects whatever we do, that are applicable on a grander, more cosmic scale, to a description of life itself, in all its experiential grandeur and pathos. I think it's not random that cruel and crewel are aurally synonymous, because I see a profound weave, present in language itself, that does it seems, define in its bipolarities, our very lives. Could it be we are activating the potential within the letters themselves? Could it be that the mystics, were right, and that God created out of the letters, the Hebrew letters and beyond, a universe, and that there is a deep alchemy to words if we look, if we deconstruct, if we deeply attend to meaning on all levels? The Greeks called this study hermeneutics and the Biblical Jewish exegists, and spiritual Kabbalists call this Pardes, namely the deepening layers of interpretation of text. Again, a very inspiring, inspirited, and thoughtful interview!