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Good morning, I was amazed to wake up this morning to my radio alarm and catch part of the interview with Xavier LaPichon. I just launched my new company a few days ago - Keys to Evolution - that discusses the same thing (but focuses on four key evolutionary traits that make up our humanity/spirituality). Wow - it felt like divine confirmation. I'm so glad I woke up to hear it. Thank you for sharing such moving and inspirational content. I caught a piece of your program a few weeks ago and overheard the discussion about the name change (again - it's my radio alarm and I don't usually wake up before 7 AM on a Sunday, so the information was 'groggily' processed). I remember laying there and feeling overjoyed at discovering your program and wondering how I could have missed it before. Today's broadcast yanked me out of bed and compelled me to write down the new name of your program and LaPichon's name. Now, after my morning routine - I looked you up and found you here. Ahhh, nice! As the selection of the content subject states, I want to offer praise on your work! Hearing that many of us are discussing these issues around the planet in a variety of different forums is proof we're on the right path. "On Being" captures the mission in a way that attracts many - I like the new name and am looking forward to waking up each Sunday at 6AM to hear more... :) Blessings, peace & best of care to all of you and your loved ones, Kimberly Key