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I was intrigued by Michael McCullough's discussion regarding the human nature of revenge and forgiveness. It amazed me that some animals exhibit traits of revenge. He presented one example of a type of monkey that possess status levels where a monkey with higher status may cause harm to the monkey with lower status. The monkey with the lower status knows that the monkey with a higher status can over power it, but as a way to get revenge, the monkey that was harmed will harm one of the monkey's relatives with the higher status that has a lower status then the monkey harmed by the monkey with a high status. The monkey will harm the higher status monkey's lower status relative in front of the monkey. This definitely shows how revenge can exist in our everyday nature.

My personal stories of forgiveness also relate to some of Michaels. I find myself forgiving family and friends everyday for little mistakes, but find it harder to forgive someone who I don't know at all for something significant. I do find myself sometimes looking at ways to get pay back (revenge) if someone seriously hurts me intentionally rather than forgiving right away.