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What a beautiful story about human capacity. I enjoyed listening and as usual it was a thought provoking program. One of the many things it brought to mind for me was the cycle of domestic violence, particularly when listening to what circumstances that must be in place for a person to forgive. A person must feel safe and that they will not be harmed again. It must also be a situation that is important or meaningful to them. It struck me...that is why women go back again and again. They are somehow convinced it will be safe this time and the abuser will not abuse again. Also, the abuser is most likely an important person in their life...usually someone they love. I was recently with a friend who, not for the first time, has separated from her husband who has abused her. They have an 8 month old baby now. Intellectually, she knows this is the right thing to do for herself and their daughter, but she still struggles with her decision. I am hoping she is strong enough to walk away and stay away this time. In my deepest places, I am not only hoping this for her and her daughter, I am hoping this for myself because my sister was not able to escape. Although she tried, her boyfriend and father of their 6 year old son found them and brutally murdered them. I am hoping that if I can help my friend then maybe I can find it in my heart to forgive myself for being incapable of helping my sister and nephew so many years ago.