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I heard Rosanne speaking with Krista Tippett on the show On Being. I was moved to write a very bad poem in response to something Rosanne said (living with the questions) and to the image in the song, God is in the Roses. Those words made me think of a student of mine, a second grader, whom I've worked with for three years. As a kindergartner he was paralyzed with fear in case he made a mistake as a reader, writer, human being. Now he's asking questions about everything he reads or hears. I wrote this about him (definitely a draft, still in process)--inspired by Rosanne's lines. A Poem for Parker You're living with the questions now asking what and how and why and when you do, you lose the fear of having to be right. You fly above your doubt and wonder. Your eyes grow round instead of squinched. You lean forward to see the roses and the thorns. You reach out to touch life with your finger. Intrigued by the drop of red that appears.