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I came in to the show part way through last night, driving home from spending the evening with the 20 year old son of a friend who died in an accident the day before Christmas. Trying to come to terms with the sudden unexpected loss. Setting up the history of her life when we'd lost touch nearly 5 years ago. Trying to figure out how to help him parent his disabled older brother. Taking over the mishmash of paperwork that marks a life. How to find out who and what was important to her. Little parenting-like things - collecting the names of those who help so we can thank them later. Answering the door to a woman from a local church with another big bowl of food and promises to bring food from their church for weeks to come. And feeling the enormity of the tasks ahead.

The show was a beautiful way for me to reconnect into the deep. Time traveling is the term I had just used at the funeral of the other friend we lost this week. 27 years of friendship and distance and memories, and suddenly, the dead were riding along side of us while we traveled. Time and distance and hurt and joy all came together.

I too have struggled with brain troubles, surgeries, and wondering if I'd ever speak again; with being the bright one, but a little north of normal. I fight tears as I listen to the show and the music and identify so strongly.

I didn't know it was Roseanne Cash until late into listening. I just knew it was a fellow human who had depth, and I thank the timing of the stars for the moments that helped refill the bucket of my soul. Too low last night, but refilling on that drive home, and hours since. This too shall pass, I know. Thank you and Roseanne Cash, for sharing the truth of her self, and for helping comfort this wandering soul. Coincidental life needed a chance last night and showed me again how pieces can drop into place sometimes.