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I first listened to this edited interview from the archive. I was so impressed and intrigued that I watched the extended video interview. I then went and bought a copy of the album "Black Cadillac". This weekend the edited interview was rebroadcast on our local NPR station and my wife and I listened to it together. After listening to it again, I have a couple of observations. First, I think Rosanne gave us all an incredible gift with the two songs that she performed during the video interview. In particular, "God is In the Roses" is so much more appropriate and beautiful as presented in that video than the version published on the album. The intimacy and vulnerablilty of that performance just blows me away. Her performance of "Unseen World" is closer to what appears on the album but, stll, the intimacy of just her and the six-string is so appropriate to that song as well.
Also, I have to give credit to Trent Gilliss for the beautiful way that he edited the song "God is In the Roses" into the conversation for the edited interview. It did not strike me the first time I listened to it, but this weekend I could not help but notice how well he used that song to frame a very special part of the conversation. I must admit that, when I first came across this interview in the archive, my expectations were fairly low. But I can now freely admit just how far off the mark that my expectations were. This was a truly remarkable conversation that I found deeply meaningful on many levels.