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This is one of the best homework assignments that I have done where I enjoyed the content. I am attending North Hennepin Community College and I am taking a Philosophy class. Below is my contribution to class that I would like to share:

"I listened to the August 9th broadcast of the Roseanne Cash-Time Traveler. Roseanne Cash is the daughter of musician Johnny Cash and she is a mother of 5 who is also a performer \song writer. “Time Travel” is a phrase the Roseanne “likes and gives new meaning”, according to Krista Tippett.

During the broadcast Roseanne describes both her parents as religious. Her mother was a devote Catholic and her father was Baptist. During the divorce her mother had Johnny Cash sign a document that said that he would continue to take her to church on Sundays when they were visiting their father. He of course agreed to this but after some time Roseanne told her dad that she wanted to stop going to church and even though Johnny had a moral dilemma about this he agreed to let Roseanne make her own decision about going to church.

Roseanne didn’t want to become a performer like her father; in fact, there is a line her book “"A life circumscribed by music" which she thought best described her upbringing. Roseanne would have her mother drop her at the library since she loved writing. Roseanne liked her private life of writing until she joined her father’s tour. Watching her father at work on stage was watching him be his best and Roseanne saw performing as a job with the hard work of showing up for each and every performance. According to Roseanne “if art and music were the religion, then hard work was the, you know, the dogma”.

This interview took place at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis and I chose it because I enjoy the music of Johnny Cash."