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Grace Lee Boggs make use of the word "reinvent". I agree we need to focus there. Too often what I see is reaction to whatever the latest manner of exploitation is that has directly affected us. By reacting only to that, we leave the whole corrupt system in place and it will invent a new way to allow for more exploitation.

The 60's is portrayed as some sort of unusual culture, with its own music and its own dress, but most of what made a difference at that time were the quieter actions that were going on, like people rediscovering where food comes from or who their neighbors were. As Krista points out, we are doing that consciously now. Hopefully, aware not only of how food grows, but what the difference is between food as something we nurtured vs food as a commodity.

I've seen this awareness grow in kids in gardens I have helped organize in South Minneapolis and even in my small town.