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Thanks for having Grace Lee Boggs on. She is brilliant and thought-provoking.

One of the first, if not the first, community gardens in Detroit was set up by Brother Rick of the Capuchins on Mount Elliot Street, just down the street from Heidelberg Project, both of which would be good stories. The Caps have a member, Father Solanus Casey, is on the path to possible sainthood and a lovely chapel has been built on the block. Solanus used to tick off the other Caps when he gave away all the food in the house to people knocking at the door.

The Heidelberg Project has been defamed and attacked for removal. Why - here is a sample. When a brothel inhabited an abandoned corner house, Tyree Guyton, artist, decorated the house with dozens of dolls hung all over the house. That was only the beginning. It has hit its 25th birthday with an HBO program. (Pic attached may be a different house)

To boot, across the street from the Caps is a cemetery which has been the subject of a locally famous painting of souls rising on All Saints Day.

May your story uncap the hope of Detroit.

Bill Lavery