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I am currently undergoing the process of 'making whole' (which makes up my newfound perspective in life)

Let me explain:

In spring of 2005, I sustained a severe diffuse axonal traumatic brain injury, in addition to 40 broken bones (18 of which were in my spine), as well as heart (tricuspid valve) and lung damage. I spent 9 weeks in the hospital – fighting for my life. In addition to my severe pain, I had to relearn everything- from how to walk and talk, to how to once again become independent. I had to put a halt on my education and focus entirely on my recovery.

On the bright side, my determination is paying off…and I owe a great deal to alternative medicine therapies (YOGA, meditation, and positive mindset). Through these, I’ve been granted the ability to slowly (but patiently!) rebuild my life. This positive mindset, in combination with my unique perspective, has contributed to healing my injuries, making them ‘invisible.’ It has also helped me build the confidence to meet neuroscientist Richard Davidson, and has led me a position in his Brain Imaging Lab. Also, I’ve been able to open myself up to new aspects of life (school included – I’m graduating this May with a Communicative disorders major ☺) Overall, as challenging as my recovery has been, I consider it rewarding – it has helped me discover insight into my cognition and my body, as well as shaped me into a more positive person. My approach on life is now full of optimism, and I no longer take anything for granted.

To conclude, I'd like to express my extreme gratitude for Mehmet Oz’s (and others) work regarding the intersection of medicine and spirituality.
Based on my interesting experiences, I am now confident in the power of healing by ‘making whole’ and am passionate about contributing to rehabilitation (brain injury, heart, or physical) in any way I can. Lasltly, I've made quite a long story short, so feel free to contact me with any questions/comments you may have.